InVision: Creative Elements of Architecture: Out with the Rule Book

with Frank Smith

Saturday, November 4 · view days & times
Price: $20 | $18 ArtsQuest Member
Venue: Crayola Gallery

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Saturday, Nov. 4 | 2 - 3 p.m.

As an avid traveler with an eye toward graphic elements, one of Frank Smith’s favorite subject matters is architecture. Frank provides a very unique perspective through his lens of buildings, both old and new, and is artful in his ability to capture the lines and details that are often not seen by the common passerby. Through in-camera techniques and post processing skills, Frank is able to show a new perspective - one that most people don’t see.

From his hometown with the old Bethlehem Steel plant, to the Taj Mahal in India, Frank captures the interior and exteriors of iconic sites including penitentiaries and urban decay projects, as well as commercial projects on assignment. His extensive domestic and international travel has provided him with a unique opportunity to capture imagery.

In architecture, there are basic rules and recommendations. Frank’s focus on the graphic elements of architecture means that he breaks the standard rules and creates his own unique artistic approach to architectural photography. Follow him as he enlightens you on his unique approach in photographing architecture around the globe and see through his lens architecture when the standard rules don’t apply.

Frank Smith is an Olympus Visionary and a self-taught photographer whose love for the craft goes back to a very early age. Years later, Frank's passion for photography has yet to fade as his skills continue to evolve. A native Northeasterner, Frank often focuses his lens on regional and local scenery including the Pocono Mountains and the historical sites of Bethlehem. His raw travel and philanthropic photojournalism covers global themes, shedding light on cultural issues such as regional corruption in areas including South Sudan and Haiti. Frank's work has been featured in print and exhibits. He believes that photography is a constantly changing art form and he tries to stay current by teaching workshops and classes every year. Frank's work can be seen on his website at or on his blog, where he posts up-to-date work regularly. He was also published in Outdoor Photography (December 2013), International Opulence (June 2017) and presented a Ted Talk in 2013 titled “Looking thru the Lens - Vocation vs. Avocation.”

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Crayola Gallery
Banana Factory
25 W Third Street
Bethlehem, PA 18015
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