Lusus Naturae: Caitlin McCormack & Alex Eckman Lawn

July 28 – September 16, 2018 2018-07-28 09:00:00 2018-09-16 09:00:00 15 Lusus Naturae: Caitlin McCormack & Alex Eckman Lawn Alvin H. Butz Gallery true MM/DD/YYYY
Venue: Alvin H. Butz Gallery


* Work in this exhibition is presented Courtesy of Paradigm Gallery + Studio

Caitlin McCormack Artist Statement and Bio:
The act of stiffening intricately crocheted cotton string with glue produces material that is structurally similar to delicate bone tissue. The string utilized in this process can be viewed as the basic cellular unit of fabrication, and by implementing media and practices inherited from my deceased relatives, I aim to generate emblems of my diminishing bloodline, embodied by each organism's skeletal remains.

Caitlin McCormack received a BFA in Illustration from the University of the Arts in 2010. She lives and works in Philadelphia, PA and is currently represented by Paradigm Gallery + Studio. To view a full catalog of her work, please contact Sara McCorriston at

Alex Eckman Lawn Artist Statement and Bio
Alex is a Philadelphia based Illustrator with a heart of gold and a body made of sewage. Alex creates multi-layered, hand-cut, paper collages using everything from his original digital paintings to imagery from old medical texts. Each layer is spaced, creating a depth that draws the viewer into the pieces. His work has appeared in comic books, on album covers, book covers, T-shirts, music videos, and posters. His cut paper works have most recently been on display at SCOPE Miami Beach, Art on Paper NY, Paradigm Gallery + Studio, Arch Enemy Arts, Art Dept., Gallery 1988, Crane Arts Ice Box, Bottleneck Gallery, and more. He is currently hard at work trying to burn his name into the ground and pull the sun out of the sky.

Artist Statement:
My collage work is about ownership and control, organizing the chaos and uncertainty of my life into orderly prisms. Disparate elements are bound by sigils and symbols, often stripped of their original meaning and appropriated to create something new and personal.

The anatomical cut paper work explores the mystery and fear associated with the body's inner processes. I burrow into the body, creating caverns and uncovering new spaces. The result can be harrowing, but at times comforting as well. In cutting through the layers of paper, I am given the opportunity to play both surgeon and architect, for once in complete control over what lies inside.

Images: (Left) Caitlin McCormack, Piety & Abomination, Crocheted Cotton String, Glue, Steel Pins, Velvet. (Right) Alex Eckman-Lawn, Necronomicon, Cut Paper Collage

Venue Information
Alvin H. Butz Gallery
ArtsQuest Center
101 Founders Way
Bethlehem, PA 18015
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