Event Schedule: Sunday, February 19, 2017

February 2017
Tue216 pmMosaics
Sat2511 amIntro to Glass Blowing Weekend
Sun2612 pmDrawing and Painting
Mon2710 amToddler Storytime
March 2017
Thu29:30 amPainting with Watercolor Intermediate
Fri35 pmFirst Friday Hot Glass Experience: Snail
Sat49:30 amIntermediate Computer Animation and Video Game Design (Ages 10-12)
Sat43:15 pmSculpey Jewelry Creations: Ages 8-12
Sun5Compendium Juried Exhibition
Sun51 pmBird House Wall Basket
Sun51 pmFelted Wool Scarf
Mon610 amToddler Storytime
Tue711:15 amYou & Me Music
Wed86:30 pmPhotographing Your 2D & 3D Artwork
Sun1211 amSecond Sunday Hot Glass Experience: Snail
Sun12ArtPOP Scholastic Competition
Sun121 pmCreative Family Workshop
Mon1310 amToddler Storytime
Sat1810 amGlass Fusing, Color Dilution
Sun191 pmPainting with Wool
Mon2010 amToddler Storytime
Mon206:30 pmGlass: Skillbuilding
Tue216:30 pmGoblet Making Concentration
Wed226:30 pmIntro to Glass Blowing
Wed227 pmPhotographers of the Lehigh Valley
Thu236:30 pmFusing Open Studio
Sat2511 amIntro to Glassblowing Weekend
Mon2710 amToddler Storytime
Tue286 pmPhotoshop for Artists
April 2017
Sat11 pmLazy Susan Basket
Sun211:30 amCartoonarama! Ages 6-9
Sun212 pmDrawing and Painting
Mon39:30 amPainting with Acrylics
Mon310 amToddler Storytime
Mon35:30 pmArtistic Delights! Ages 5-7
Mon36 pmWheelthrowing for Teens: Ages 13-18
Tue49:30 amPastel & Charcoal Drawing
Tue410 amAdventures in Wheelthrowing
Tue46 pmDiscovering Book Arts
Tue46 pmGOLDEN Paint Lecture and Demo
Tue46:30 pmAdventures in Wheelthrowing
Wed54:30 pmDigital Photography for Kids (Ages 10-12)
Wed56 pmMosaics
Wed56 pmDigital Photography
Wed56:30 pmAdventures in Wheelthrowing
Wed57 pmPencil Sketch Portraits
Thu69:30 amPainting with Watercolor Intermediate
Thu610 amAdventures in Wheelthrowing
Thu610 amJewelry: Wax Carving
Thu61 pmPainting with Watercolor
Thu64:30 pmDrawing and Painting for Kids: Ages 9-12
Thu65:30 pmAfter School with the Masters: Ages 5-7
Thu66 pmTeen Drawing and Painting: Ages 13-18
Thu66:30 pmBasic Camera Functions
Thu66:30 pmAdvanced Adventures in Wheelthrowing
Fri79:30 amItsy Bitsy Artists: Ages 2-4
Fri75 pmFirst Friday Hot Glass Experience: Helix Egg
Sat89 amIntroduction to Jewelry Making
Sat810 amAbstract Painting & Drawing Workshop
Sat81 pmIntermediate Jewelry Making: Settings
Sun9Public / Private | Emily Orzech
Sun910 amAbstract Painting & Drawing Workshop
Sun911 amSecond Sunday Hot Glass Experience: Helix Egg
Sun91 pmNuno Felted Scarves
Mon1010 amToddler Storytime
Fri146 pmExploring Art: Ages 8-12
Sat229:30 amBeginner Computer Animation ages 10 - 12
Sat2210 amGlass Fusing, Sushi Plate
Sat2211 amIntro to Glassblowing Weekend
Sat221 pmLarge Format Photography
Sat223:30 pmCartooning and Anime ages 10-13
Mon2410 amToddler Storytime
Thu276:30 pmPatterns with Glass Stringers
Fri285 pmSouthSide Arts & Music Festival
Fri286 pmHot Glass Experience: Millefiori (thousand flowers) Paperweight
Fri288 pmEveryone Orchestra
Sat2912 pmFace Painting by Peanutbutter
Sat2912 pmScreen-printing Demo and Make Your Own
Sat2912 pmSouthSide Arts & Music Festival
Sat2912 pmPainted Rock Cactus
Sat2912 pmHot Glass Experience: Millefiori (thousand flowers) Paperweight
Sat291 pmGraffiti Tape Art Workshop with Jay Walker
Sat291 pmSteampunk Inspired Jewelry Making
Sat291:30 pmCalder Mobile Creations
Sat293 pmMural Design Workshop with Dripped on the Road
Sat294 pmUrban Photo Walk
Sat296 pmFrida Kahlo Flower Crowns
Sat298 pmCoco Montoya
Sat2910 pmRusted Root
Sun301 pmCreative Family Workshop
May 2017
Tue27 pmPaper Tile Creations
Wed34:30 pmDigital Photography for Teens (Ages 13-18)
Fri55 pmHot Glass Experience- Flower
Sat61 pmWhite Caps Basket
Sat61 pmFelted Wool Vessel
Sun1412 pmHot Glass Experience- Flower
Sat2010 amNature in Glass, Spring
Sat2011 amIntro to Glass Blowing Weekend
Sat201 pmCreative Family Workshop
Sun2110 amGlass Bead Making
Tue306:30 pmSkill Building
June 2017
Mon56:30 pmGlass Concentration: Optic Molds and Bits of Hot Glass
Wed76:30 pmIntro to Glassblowing
Thu86:30 pmTaking the Mystery out of Kilns
Sun1112 pmHot Glass Experience- Wave
Sat1710 amFused Glass Pendants
Sat1711 amIntro to Glassblowing Weekend
Thu226:30 pmOpen Fusing Studio
July 2017
Fri75 pmHot Glass Experience- Seashell
Sun912 pmHot Glass Experience- Seashell
Sat1510 amNature in Glass, Summer
Sat2211 amIntro to Glassblowing Weekend