Event Schedule: Friday, July 7, 2017

September 2017
Wed206:30 pmDiscovering Weaving
Thu2110 amToddler Storytime
Fri227 pmGlass Blast 2017
Mon256 pmWheelthrowing for Teens
Tue266 pmPhotoshop for Artists: Resizing Images
Wed276:30 pmFab Lab Tour at NCC SouthSide
Thu2810 amToddler Storytime
Thu286:30 pmBasic Camera Functions
Sat3011 amIntro to Glassblowing Weekend
October 2017
Sun11 pmPre-Teen Wheelthrowing
Sun11 pmWool Beads
Tue36:30 pmIntroduction to Adobe InDesign
Wed412:30 pmWired! Jewelry: Cold Connections
Thu59:30 amPortrait Painting
Thu510 amToddler Storytime
Thu56:30 pmDrawing Realistically
Thu56:30 pmFilm & Darkroom Photography
Fri65 pmOktoberfest Hot Glass Experience: Pumpkin
Sat712 pmOktoberfest Hot Glass Experience: Pumpkin
Sat75:30 pmAnime Drawing: Ages 13-18
Sun812 pmOktoberfest Hot Glass Experience: Pumpkin
Tue107 pmDrink n' Draw
Wed114:30 pmDigital Photography for Kids - 10-12 yrs
Wed116 pmDigital Photography (Adults)
Thu1210 amToddler Storytime
Fri1312 pmOktoberfest Hot Glass Experience: Pumpkin
Fri136 pmExploring Art 8-12
Sat1410 amScreenprinting on Clay
Sat1412 pmOktoberfest Hot Glass Experience: Pumpkin
Sun15ArtsQuest Staff and Teaching Artist Exhibition
Sun155 pmOktoberfest Hot Glass Experience: Pumpkin
Wed189:30 amHand Built Pottery
Wed186:30 pmLinocut Printmaking Workshop
Thu1910 amToddler Storytime
Sat219:30 amIntermediate Computer Animation & Video Game Design
Sat2110 amAbstracting the Figure Workshop
Sat2110 amCreative Family Workshop: Halloween Candy Bowl
Sat2111 amNature in Glass, Fall
Sat2111 amIntro to Glassblowing Weekend
Sun22Banana Factory Resident Artist Annual Exhibition
Sun2212 pmSmall Pumpkin Basket
Tue246 pmExploring Drawing and Media: Still Life
Tue246:30 pmMosaics
Tue247 pmThe Evolution of Photography into Fine Art
Wed259:30 amMosaics
Wed256:30 pmWine'd Down: Charm Bracelet
Thu2610 amToddler Storytime
Thu264:30 pmDrawing and Painting for Teens 13-18
Thu266:30 pmKiln-formed Boxes
Sun29The New Black - Volunteerism, paintings by Nina Cruz
Sun2911:30 amVideogame Frenzy - Ages 6-9
Sun291 pmNuno Felted Scarves
Sun292 pmDrawing and Painting
Mon307 pmPortrait Drawing
Tue319:30 amPastel Drawing - Level 2
Tue3110 amDraw Me a Song
November 2017
Wed19:30 amDrawing and Painting
Wed11 pmPastel Drawing - Level 1
Wed14:30 pmGraphic Novel Design
Thu29:30 amWatercolor Painting - Level 2
Thu210 amToddler Storytime
Thu21 pmWatercolor Painting - Level 1
Thu26 pmIntroduction to Lightroom
Fri35 pmFirst Friday Hot Glass Experience: Acorn
Sat43:30 pmCartooning & Anime: Ages 10-12
Mon69:30 amAcrylic Painting - Level 2
Mon61 pmAcrylic Painting - Level 1
Tue711:15 amYou & Me Music
Wed84:30 pmDigital Photography for Teens - 13-18 yrs
Thu910 amToddler Storytime
Sat1112 pmBasket Vase
Sun1212 pmSecond Sunday Hot Glass Experience: Acorn
Tue146:30 pmConcentration - Experimental Glass
Tue147 pmDrink n' Draw
Thu1610 amToddler Storytime
Thu166:30 pmWine'd Down: Succulent Wall Hanging
Sat1811 amGlass Fusing, Candy Dish
Sat1811 amIntro to Glassblowing Weekend
Sun261 pmFelted Wool Vessel
Mon276:30 pmIntro to Glassblowing
Wed296:30 pmBasic Camera Functions
Wed296:30 pmGlass: Skillbuilding
Thu3010 amToddler Storytime
Thu306:30 pmHoliday Open Fusing Studio
December 2017
Wed66 pmWine'd Down Workshop: Doorknob Basket
Thu710 amToddler Storytime
Sun101 pmFelted Wool Scarves
Tue127 pmDrink n' Draw
Thu1410 amToddler Storytime
Sat1611 amIntro to Glassblowing Weekend
Sat1611 amGlass Fusing, Holiday Ornament Workshop
Thu2110 amToddler Storytime
Thu2810 amToddler Storytime
January 2018
Sat2710 amColor Matters Workshop
Sun2810 amColor Matters Workshop