Event Schedule: Sunday, April 22, 2018

August 2018
Wed156 pmBasic Camera Functions
Thu166:30 pmIntroduction to Adobe InDesign
Sun19Open Spectrum: New Works from Tom D’Angelo and Susan Washington
Mon208 amBefore Care
Mon209 amWheelthrowing AM, Ages 13-18
Mon209 amSession 8, Ages 4-6 AM: Creative Adventures Sampler
Mon209 amSession 8, Ages 7-9 AM: Creative Adventures Sampler
Mon209 amFelted Wool Monsters AM, Ages 10-12
Mon2012:30 pmSession 8, Ages 7-9 PM: Creative Adventures Sampler
Mon2012:30 pmDrawing & Painting PM, Ages 13-18
Mon2012:30 pmSession 8, Ages 4-6 PM: Creative Adventures Sampler
Mon2012:30 pmCartooning & Anime PM, Ages 10-12
Mon203:30 pmAfter Care
Wed226 pmUrban Sketching
Wed226:30 pmWine'd Down: Chalk Lettering
Sun261 pmNuno Felted Scarves
September 2018
Sat112 pmIntro to Flame Working Weekend
Sun2Musikfest 35th Anniversary Photography Exhibition
Tue46:30 pmIntro to Glassblowing
Wed56:30 pmMosaics
Thu66:30 pmGlass Fusing, Pot Melt
Fri75 pmFirst Friday Hot Glass Experience - Murrini Paperweight
Sat810 amScreen Printing Workshop
Sat83:30 pmCartooning & Anime: Ages 10-12
Sun911:30 amSculpey Jewelry Creations: Ages 6-9
Sun912 pmSecond Sunday Hot Glass Experience - Murrini Paperweight
Sun91 pmOpen Critique
Sun91:30 pmCreative Family Workshop: Clay Animal Whistles
Mon109:30 amAdvanced Acrylic Painting
Mon101 pmIntro to Acrylic Painting
Mon106:30 pmBlow and Blast
Tue119:30 amYou & Me Music
Tue1110:30 amYou & Me Music
Tue111 pmDiscover Pastel Painting
Tue116:30 pmDiscover Screen Printing
Tue116:30 pmIntro to Fashion Design
Wed126:30 pmIntroduction to Lightroom
Wed126:30 pmDiscovering Weaving
Wed126:30 pmIntro to Painting
Thu139:30 amIntermediate Watercolor Painting
Thu131 pmIntro to Watercolor Painting
Thu136:30 pmMixed Media Drawing
Sat159 amIntroduction to Jewelry Making
Sat159:30 amBeginner Computer Animation & Video Game Design: Ages 10-12
Sat1510:30 amParent & Child Clay
Sat1511 amGlass Fusing, Cracked Up!
Sat151 pmIntermediate Jewelry Making
Sun168 amPhotoPass: Cars & Coffee
Sun16Lusus Naturae: Caitlin McCormack & Alex Eckman Lawn
Sun161 pmFiber Sampler Workshop: Coiled Bowl Workshop
Sun162 pmDrawing and Painting
Mon176:30 pmDiscover Drawing
Tue1810 amAdventures in Wheelthrowing
Tue186:30 pmAdventures in Wheelthrowing
Tue186:30 pmIntro to Photoshop
Wed194:30 pmDrawing and Painting for Teens 13-18
Wed194:30 pmDigital Photography for Pre-Teens - 10-12 yrs
Wed196:30 pmAdventures in Wheelthrowing
Wed197 pmCopyright Law for Creators
Thu2010 amWax Jewelry Carving
Thu204:30 pmAlternative Art for Teens
Thu206:30 pmAdvanced Adventures in Wheelthrowing
Thu206:30 pmDigital Photography (Adults)
Fri219:30 amItsy Bitsy Artists 2-4
Fri214:30 pmExploring Art: Ages 5-7
Fri216 pmGlass Blast 2018
Fri216 pmExploring Art 8-12
Sun2312:30 pmWheelthrowing for Teens, Ages 13-18
Tue259:30 amClay Portraits
Wed2612:30 pmWired! Jewelry: Cold Connections
Wed266:30 pmWine'd Down: Cloud Woven Wall Hanging
Sat2910 amDiscover Printmaking Weekend
Sat2910 amIntro to Glassblowing Workshop
Sat2912 pmMedium Market Basket
Sun3010 amSilver Etching Workshop
October 2018
Mon16:30 pmHand Built Pottery
Tue26:30 pmPhotoshop for Artists
Tue26:30 pmIntro to Jewelry
Wed39:30 amMosaics
Thu46:30 pmIntroduction to Drawing
Fri55 pmOktoberfest Hot Glass Experience: Pumpkin
Sat610 amPre-Teen Wheelthrowing: Ages 10-12
Sat610 amAbstracting the Figure
Sat612 pmIntro to Flame Working Weekend
Sat612 pmOktoberfest Hot Glass Experience: Pumpkin
Sun712 pmOktoberfest Hot Glass Experience: Pumpkin
Tue99:30 amIntermediate Pastel Painting
Tue91 pmIntro to Pastel Painting
Tue96:30 pmSkill Building
Wed1010 amDraw Me a Song
Thu116:30 pmGlass Fusing, Kiln Carving
Thu116:30 pmMake Lehigh Valley Tour
Fri125 pmOktoberfest Hot Glass Experience: Pumpkin
Sat1310 amDiscover Knitting: Scarves
Sat1312 pmOktoberfest Hot Glass Experience: Pumpkin
Sun1411:30 amVideogame Frenzy: Ages 6-9
Sun1412 pmOktoberfest Hot Glass Experience: Pumpkin
Sun141:30 pmCreative Family Workshop: Rain Sticks
Wed176:30 pmWeaving and Felting
Wed176:30 pmIntroduction to Adobe InDesign
Sat2011 amGlass Fusing, Sushi Set
Sat203:30 pmAnime Drawing: Ages 13-18
Sun211 pmFiber Sampler Workshop: Wet-Felted Flower
Mon226:30 pmDrawing and Painting
Tue234:30 pmDigital Art for Pre-Teens
Tue236:30 pmFelted Pumpkin Workshop
Tue236:30 pmDigital Art (adults)
Wed2410 amIntro to Water-Soluble Oils
Wed244:30 pmDrawing and Painting for Pre-Teens 10-12
Wed244:30 pmDigital Photography for Teens - 13-18 yrs
Wed246:30 pmWine'd Down: Pet Portraits
Thu254:30 pmAlternative Art for Pre-Teens
Sat2710 amScreen Printing on Clay
Sat2710 amIntro to Glassblowing Workshop
Sat271 pmWitch's Hat Basket
Mon296:30 pmBasic Camera Functions
Tue309:30 amYou & Me Music
Tue3010:30 amYou & Me Music
November 2018
Thu19:30 amIntermediate Watercolor Painting
Thu11 pmIntro to Watercolor Painting
Thu16:30 pmIntermediate Drawing
Fri25 pmFirst Friday Hot Glass Experience - Acorn or Pumpkin
Sat312 pmIntro to Flame Working Weekend
Sun41 pmFiber Sampler Workshop: Needle Felting
Mon59:30 amAdvanced Acrylic Painting
Mon51 pmIntro to Acrylic Painting
Tue66:30 pmIntermediate Mosaics
Wed76:30 pmDiscovering Weaving
Sat1010 amDiscover Kitting: Fingerless Gloves
Sat101 pmDiamond Shade Basket
Sun1111:30 amCartooning for All Ages
Sun1112 pmSecond Sunday Hot Glass Experience - Acorn or Pumpkin
Sun1112:30 pmWheelthrowing for Teens, Ages 13-18
Sun111 pmWinsor Newton Paint Demonstration
Sun111:30 pmCreative Family Workshop: Galaxy Jars
Mon126:30 pmIntro to Glassblowing
Tue136:30 pmFelted Wool Monster Workshop
Wed147 pmFilm Finance Workshop 
Sat1711 amGlass Fusing, Bubbles in Glass
Sun1810 amBangle Bracelet Workshop
Mon196:30 pmFrom Digital to Darkroom
Sat2410 amIntro to Glassblowing Workshop
Tue276:30 pmPointillism Painting
Wed286:30 pmPortrait Drawing
Thu296:30 pmIntermediate Camera Functions
Thu296:30 pmGlass Fusing, Open Studio
December 2018
Sat110:30 amParent & Child Clay
Sat112 pmIntro to Flame Working Weekend
Sun21 pmOpen Critique
Tue46 pmIntro to Glass Blowing Workshop
Sun91:30 pmCreative Family Workshop: Gingerbread Houses
Tue116:30 pmIntro to Glass Blowing Workshop
Sat1510 amIntro to Glassblowing Workshop
Sat1511 amGlass Fusing, Holiday Ornaments
Sun161 pmFiber Sampler Workshop: Macrame Wall Hanging
Sun162 pmDiscoving Photo Encaustics
Wed196:30 pmWine'd Down: Chalk Lettering Ornament