School Visits

Whether it’s at your house or ours, the Banana Factory offers an array of great visual arts programs guaranteed to entertain and engage students. Our artist instructors are passionate about the arts and eager to share a fun, creative learning experience with kids of all ages.



Exquisite Visit, You can arrange for a Banana Factory artist to visit your school or organization and teach students how to create a beautiful craft! A variety of artists and projects are available; artist visits are 90 minutes long and cost $225 per group of 15 students.

Artist Assembly*, Have one of our 28 resident artists visit your school for a presentation that will inspire students of all ages. This program is free; all we ask is that our Banana Factory flyers are distributed throughout the school.

*Intended for auditorium settings

Banana Factory Art Programs in Schools

  • All programs are six weeks, with a 90-minute teaching session per week.
  • Programs are customized to meet appropriate age group standards.
  • Program fees include price of materials and prep time for instructors.
  • 15 student maximum per class.
  • Additional students can be accommodated for an additional fee.


Cost: $1,680

*Optional exhibit available for additional $750 (15 enlarged prints @ $50 each)

This documentary photography project gives a voice and vision to those who remain “unseen” in the commercial media, television, newspapers and magazines. Students participate in weekly classes to create a journal integrating quality photographs with a strong writing element. The project culminates with a public showing in the community that brings friends and family together for an opening celebration. Unseenamerica is a wonderful project for children as it gives them the opportunity to express themselves in a very positive way. What is important in their lives becomes important to photograph as well.


Cost: $3,760

6 weeks, 2 sessions per week

In this program, students create an indoor or outdoor mural at your location and enhance critical thinking, teamwork and communications skills. Participants discover painting techniques, work as a team and learn the value of dedication and commitment while creating a beautiful work of art. Please note: Mural size is approximately 6′ x 6′ and dependent on group ages and time constraints. Student maximum is 10 participants.

Visual Art Programs

Painting & Drawing

Cost: $1,080

Create a personal masterpiece! In this program, Banana Factory instructors teach students the techniques to take painting and drawing to the next level. All skill levels are welcome as students are encouraged to experiment and develop their own personal style. This program focuses on painting and drawing as a means to explore color, form, space, light, shading, line and texture. Students may work in acrylic, watercolor, pencil, pastel and pen & ink.



Cost: $1,080

One person’s junk is another’s treasure! Found and recycled objects are transformed into magical creatures and sculptures as students use their imagination to create unique designs. They learn to look at regular items such as water bottles, string and tree twigs in a new and creative way. Each student learns papier-mâché, painting, sculpting and color theory to produce sculptures. Imagination and creativity are highly encouraged!



Cost: $1,080

Design and create your own earrings, bracelets and necklaces! The Banana Factory provides the tools necessary to learn wire bending, hammering techniques and stringing with beautiful beads. After students learn the basic skills, they’ll create their own custom pieces.



Cost: $1,080

Students have fun as they learn techniques for cutting glass, breaking tiles and grouting. They create a nontraditional mosaic using a variety of materials including tile, stained glass, pebbles, seashells, mirrored glass and even found objects.



Cost: $1,080

Explore the art of comics and learn how to draw crazy cartoon characters! Instructors help participants with idea development and sketching; students use their skills and their imaginations to draw awesome cartoons.

For booking or more information please contact Lisa Harms.