Meet the Teaching Artist:
Alexandra Snowden

Artist Facts:

Education: Education: MFA Interdisciplinary Studies, University of Pennsylvania & BFA Fiber and Material Studies, Cleveland Institute of Art

Mediums of expertise: printmaking, sculpture, digital photography/video, installation, drawing/painting, textiles

Favorite artist: Isa Genzken

Medium you want to learn next: glass blowing

Hobbies other than art: cooking, playing the violin (classically trained and have been playing most my life), hiking, going for a run or exercising

Drink that sparks creativity: Kombucha or good ol’ fashioned water

What time of day do you create art?: Deadlines make me a night owl, but I feel grateful to work in the quiet mornings or night.

Upcoming classes:

Discover Silk Screening – Starts March 11
Intro to Linocut Print Making – Starts April 9
Discover Silk Screening – Starts April 15
Silk Screening Weekend Workshop – Starts April 18
Silk Screening Weekend Workshop – Starts May 16

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“I think it’s really great to have a diverse classroom to get different ideas in the room…”