Meet the Teaching Artist: Lauren Kuhn


Artist Facts:

Education: Graduated from Villanova University (took every studio art class they offered, but I didn't major in anything art-related); as an artist, I'm primarily self-taught. Mediums of expertise: Oil and acrylic painting. Favorite subject matter: Anything reflective, such as chrome, water, glass, metal, etc. Specifically, my favorite objects to paint are classic cars -- namely Fords and Chevy's from the 50s-60s. Here in the Valley, I'm fortunate that there's such a strong appreciation for these kinds of cars, not to mention plenty of car shows in the summer that offer great opportunities for taking reference photos. What time of day do you create art?: Usually late-morning through to the afternoon. During the school year, I paint while my three boys are in school; once school lets out, my days get crazy-busy and LOUD. Think: homework battles, flag football/basketball/baseball games, children wrestling WWF-style on the kitchen floor, dogs barking, dinner burning, etc. My studio time is my sanity time. Hobbies other than art: Fostering and adopting out (or just flat-out adopting) rescue dogs. Favorite entertainment for your studio: I'm a true-crime junkie, so I listen to podcasts while I paint. Criminal, MFM, True Crime Garage, Swindled and Crime in Sports are some of my favorites. Drink That Inspires Creativity: Cans of Diet Coke. Way too many. Embarrassingly so. Sometimes there are avalanches in my studio.

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"My studio time is my sanity time."