Picture Perfect: Q&A with Invision Headliner Lindsay Adler

by Samantha Gentile, ArtsQuest Public Relations Intern

You’ve probably seen dozens of Lindsay Adler‘s photos and don’t even know it. From work with brands like NBC and Microsoft to fashion editorial work with publications such as Elle and Harper’s Bazaar, Adler’s photography career spans industries and interests.

During her Nov. 16 InVision Festival lecture, “From Good to Great,” Adler will discuss how photographers can find their own style and inspiration. Following the lecture, guests can join Adler for a creative studio lighting workshop in Allentown, PA. In light of her upcoming visit to The Banana Factory, she shared insights from her personal history and how she became the world-renowned photographer she is today.

ArtsQuest: How did you begin your career in photography?

Lindsey Adler: I am one of those incredibly lucky people that found their life’s calling at an early age. By the time I was 15, I had already officially started a portrait and wedding photography business and was taking clients. I took photography seriously from the beginning because it felt like such an integral part of who I am. My mother always urged me to choose a job I was passionate about, and I was more than passionate about photography.

AQ: You stated that you have been a photographer for more than half of your life. What advice would you give to your younger self, just starting this career path?

LA: Rejection isn’t failure. Not everyone will like your work, and not everyone is a good fit for your style. Keep shooting and improving technically and try to realize there is a difference between critique, helpful feedback, and flat out rejection. Some people will always be mean, and some people will be too nice— try to find someone to give honest feedback and mentorship to help you grow.

AQ: Have you had any significant struggles in your career and, if so, how have they impacted you and your work?

LA: I think anyone in photography has come up against struggles. The life of a freelancer is hard! Sometimes it feels impossible! When you don’t know where your next dollar will come from even though you have been working hard, of course there will be anxiety in your life! I think every photographer struggles with this in the beginning.

AQ: You continuously come up with new, innovative ways to take photos. How do you “discover” that next big thing?

LA: Every month I spend at least two days in the studio just experimenting. I try new lighting, new tools, new techniques, new concepts, etc. There is no boss and the only goal is to learn something new. This is essential to my creativity and growth as a photographer.

AQ: Not only are you a world-renowned photographer, but you are also an educator. What made you want to begin teaching?

LA: It took me a very long time to even get ‘decent’ at photography. There was a lot of trial and error, a lot of winding paths to learn, and just a long time before I was ‘good.’ I know that most people don’t have that time. I love to teach and share to help people to better embrace their passion. I know this brings joy to others— the same joy I feel doing my job every day.

AQ: In November, you are scheduled to teach at the InVision Photo Festival in Bethlehem. What should people expect at your lectures?

LA: In my lecture, I’ll be sharing the elements that help take a photographer from ‘good’ to ‘great.’ We will be discussing style, concept and impact as a way to create memorable imagery. Then I’ll be shooting a demonstration of my favorite creative studio lighting techniques including hard light, flags, grids and gels. It is an introduction to lighting techniques that most people are unfamiliar with or too afraid to try, but I’ll make it easy!

AQ: Who are some of your favorite subjects you’ve worked with and why?

LA: While I am inspired by my subjects, I am particularly inspired by collaborating with other artists. I love working with hairstylists, makeup artists and wardrobe stylists. Their vision and talents are an excellent springboard for my creativity.

The annual InVision Photo Festival is a month-long celebration showcasing all things photography as well as photo-based arts with presentations from renowned artists, workshops, demonstrations, exhibitions, photo walks and panel discussions. For more information, CLICK HERE.

From Good to Great with Lindsay Adler

Sponsored by Canon
Banana Factory Arts Center
Nov. 16, 1 p.m. | Free! Must register in advance

What separates the good photographers from the GREAT photographers? Technique and gear certainly play a role. That is seldom the most important element that distinguishes them. Renowned fashion photographer Lindsay Adler will explain how concept and personal style help differentiate you and move your work to the next level.
What are you saying with your images? How will you light? Which lens? What other tools of the visual language will communicate your message? Lindsay will talk about finding your own style. She will discuss finding inspiration for memorable images, expressing a concept, and finally her favorite approaches for creating award-winning photographs.

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Creative Studio Lighting with Lindsay Adler

Allentown, PA
Nov. 16, 3 p.m. | $249 /$224 ArtsQuest Members

Learn to light fashion portraits like a pro. Lindsay will teach multiple styles of lighting and modifier set-ups using live models. Learn to create everything from a soft and dreamy look to a film noir inspired look. Lindsay will teach the most valuable lighting setups being used in studios today, all delivered in a simple method.

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