The Olympus Digital Imaging Classroom

The only free standing Olympus Imaging classroom in the nation!

This state of the art classroom is fully equipped with 15 computer stations loaded with state of the latest creative software and offers large format printing capabilities. Olympus DSLR cameras are also available for student use.


Classes in digital photography for all ages and levels are held year-round. The classroom is also home to popular video game design classes for kids and teens, graphic design workshops and a full range of the art of photography workshops. The room’s walls are used as a gallery space highlighting a dynamic range of photography work, and every summer there is a special digital photography camp for youth.

The Olympus Digital Imaging Center opened its doors at the Banana Factory in September 2005. It is the only free standing permanent digital classroom sponsored by Olympus America. There are 15 student computer stations as well a special teacher station. State of the art software packages and large format printers are available to students. This is a very popular spot during our First Friday events. Classes for all ages and levels take place in the classroom including special after school at-risk youth programming.