Melissa Perhamus

Melissa Perhamus

Mediums: Visual Arts
Studio: 218


Melissa Perhamus began her life with art at age 7 when she had a pivotal experience which showed her the power art can have. She realized art provided both the power to pull her into the experience of creating allowing an escape from the crazy world she found herself living in and the power to pull other people away from theirs, allowing them a means of escape as well. She continued following this passion through high school and college. Ever since, life has thrown it’s ups and downs with art has taking a back seat at times, but it has never left. Creating is her way of living.

In the past few years, she has made her art “career” a priority and is committed to never allowing it take a back seat again. She has learned that life is always much better with art in the forefront leading the way.

Artist Statement
My current work combines my emotional connection to the external visual world around me with internal meditative explorations representing the idea that all things organic are intertwined. My work has very strong references to the natural world through shape, color, texture and line.

One of my processes and methods of creating mimics life in that we have control over certain decisions and choices we make, but do not have control over the outcomes of them… creating a whole new set of decisions and choices to make based on those outcomes. Life is a balance of taking control of the things we can and accepting and adapting to that which we cannot. In other words, it is how we handle, adjust to and flow with the things thrown at us in life, both the randomly unexpected and the mundanely predictable, which creates our life.

I have recently begun creating MAPart which incorporates paper maps into this process of creating imaginary landscapes. These images could be what one conjures up while contemplating what the actual places represented by these lines and shapes of the maps look like.

Incorporating maps into paintings adds an element of reality in an abstract way. They also provide a way of creating personalized pieces by using sections of maps with special meaning to people… A sort of abstract portrait of a life story. (As an added interesting side note, my initials are M.A.P.)

My work can be described as abstract surreal organic environmental landscapes which combine the concept that all things organic are interconnected with the personal escape I feel when immersed in the process of creating. I invite you to escape into them as well.

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