Tyrone J. Webb II

tyrone-webb-tile Mediums: Fine Spray Paint Art Studio: 218 Instagram   Tyrone J, Webb II was born and raised in Bethlehem PA. He was schooled in Computer Science and Project Management and at the age of 24 he left PA. to work the next 14 years with IBM in Boulder, CO. Far removed from a life within the arts. In 2012 he sought a way to counter the stresses of corporate citizenry and decided to make something with spray paint and poster board. The results couldn't be more transformative. When he was laid off by IBM in 2013 he decided then to take on his dream. Today, he is a Single Father living back in Allentown, PA. He is a visible member of the Lehigh Valley Art community as a full time artist working to create wondrous images of pure imagination through a medium of his own creation. His goal with his art is to change the perception of spray paint as a medium and at the same time bring more Sci-fi and Fantasy subjects into the minds of the community. With a strong social following ranging from celebrities to everyday folk, his client base is full spectrum. He has been interviewed and awarded by several organizations (Online and Brick and Mortar) over the past few years for his method and content and to this day strives to introduce as many as he can to this medium. Tyrone is available for commissions, gallery and venue display.   Artist statement Anything you can think of is real or why would you be able to think of it? I have been saying this one since I was 12. It gave me comfort to know that I could explain all the things my imagination could come up with. To this day it is the very essence of each painting I make. I am a world crafter. For that time that I am at the board I am without boundaries and I can throw the paint as I see fit to create something never seen before. I like to capture what I consider to be the mundane views of spectacular locales. We all have done this. Looked at a stream in our hometown, watched a sunrise over the same horizon we have seen all our lives. You wouldn't think to make it a postcard. It's just what it always is. The locations I capture in my paintings are the simplest of places. A place visited often, seen regularly but to our earth bound eyes completely magnificent and unrelenting in its exploitation of our own vulnerabilities. I find myself able to capture a dichotomy of safety and vulnerability. Projecting you, the viewer, to a place so alien yet so familiar. My goal is to light the environment in such a way that it brings a sense of joy amidst the possible terror of being stranded so far from all you know. With each piece I set out to accomplish a simple task. Spray it til I see it  
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