Will Hübscher

Mediums: Visual Arts, Mixed Media
Studio: Studio #1, Artists’ Studios at 520 Hamilton, Allentown, PA, corner of West Maple and Bayard Rustin Way





Artist statement
2000, the millennial year, held many unexpected changes for me, including the beginning of an artistic adventure that I am still on. My creative endeavors began later in my life. After being diagnosed with cancer and the cascading events that followed, I had an unexpected self-realization about the direction my life was taking. And with a little help and support from my friends, and an experienced mentor, I began an odyssey that has taken many different directions, but still continues to this day, as an artist.

My printwork series is a quest to find a certain nostalgia for the past in old, worn and decaying photographs. These old photos, that I base my monotypes from, are always unattributed as to source. So I create my own visual reimagining of the original and create a new narrative through my unique print process. I feel that I am breathing new life into a heretofore forgotten past and creating a new story to carry on.

With my photography, as in all of my art, I find the old, the broken, the forgotten, the decaying process of nature to be the most interesting and the most beautiful. Perhaps a flower’s bloom is not nature at it’s finest, for there is also beauty in it’s decay as well. There is splendor within the flower’s wilting blooms, within the seeds, pods, and leaves all in their unique stages of decomposition. Without the decay of one year, there would be no fresh beauty in the next.

After seeing a mandala created and then destroyed, I envisioned creating still life’s using mostly objects from natures, photographing the pieces, then returning the pieces back to nature. This is how my series of photographs and monotypes “Beautiful Decay” was created. In the past year I have concentrated on my photography but have created these images in my now recognizable and innovate style. I use a painterly palate of tones, textures and colors in my photography to bring out the essence in nature’s life cycle.

Each still life is carefully arranged in natural sunlight, using rotting boards and rusting metals as a backdrop, then photographing, rearranging, and photographing again many times until just the right essence of nature’s character is captured. And then it is sent back to the earth to feed the insects, birds and next year’s growth.

My artwork has been in shows and galleries from New York to Los Angeles, including recent solo exhibitions at both Lafayette College and Penn State University, as well as taking 2nd place out of 1,800 artists in Juxtapose magazine’s worldwide competition. My monotypes are in the permanent collection of City Center Allentown Corporation.


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