Anna Capaldi


Anna Capaldi Edwards is an Outsider Artist, having pieced together an education in the arts using only her fingernails and teeth. Born in Bristol, Pennsylvania in 1964, Anna is a photographer and mixed media artist. She has a BA in psychology and a MS degree from Temple University’s College of Pharmacy. Her day job involves science and technology, but her heart belongs to creating her award-winning work, which has appeared in various magazines and online publications.

Artist Statement

Her name never appeared in the credits, but Star Trek’s “Computer” was as much a main character as Jean Luc and Number One. There in the background, only seen by virtue of its output and its influence on the Starship Enterprise, Computer was an elegant and powerful solution to maintaining life at zero-G. Although invisible, without her there would be chaos (think stopping at every M-class planet so the crew could go grocery shopping…among a million other nano-details).

Casting a glance around my own world, I believe that Relationship is the real-life elegant and powerful solution to all that goes on here. Much like Computer, Relationship is largely invisible, though ever-present. Unseen as she might be, she is tremendously influential and orders our world in ways we seldom consider. My work seeks to call Relationship to the proverbial Bridge where she can take form and be seen for the driving force she really is.

Whether I am composing a landscape through the lens of a camera or creating a mixed media vignette in a box, or crafting with ink on a garden stone, my work is always telling the story of Relationship. Beyond the human capacity for it, beyond the capacity we have for destroying it and even beyond its own capacity for repair, relationship gives us context, it places us in a time and within an environment. It creates ties between the natural and the man-made (think tall building and sky). It likes contrast so one thing knows it is not the other. It ensures that the tension between day and night is buffered by an expertly timed dawn and dusk.

All of my work is the portrait of Relationship. To represent her likeness in its many forms and incarnations, it is necessary to allow myself the freedom to explore various media and techniques. Through this variety, Relationship becomes a tangible thing that we can see and touch and use to begin our conversation.