Clayton Dickerson

Clayton Dickerson has worked and studied as a mechanical engineer for the past six years, focusing on analytical development; however, with his imaginative side constantly demanding attention, he continuously explores art through various mediums. His self-taught work attempts to disrupt the conventional idea that the engineering thought process only results in logic, structure and support. Influenced by street artists such as Shepard Fairey, Blu, and Banksy, Clayton’s work depicts images with subtle implications that poke fun at modern day society. Clayton prefers animal, human and plant subjects to depict ironic and thoughtful scenes. His work conveys a sense of happiness coupled with a satirical commentary.

Artist Statement
My artwork takes a lighthearted but critical view of societal conventions and norms. I like to comment on everyday actions of people in the general public and I often enjoy extending the irony to some of my own activities. I believe that humanizing plants and animals emphasizes how ridiculous some human activity is. While I enjoy having a societal commentary in my work, I also enjoy seeing a continually developing style emerging from my pieces; however, I believe my perfect work to be one that combines a deep sense of beauty with subtle elements of satire. I want to create pieces that people find beautiful, but also make them smile.

The majority of my work is concentrated in two dimensions in a variety of media. Combining my analytical perspective with my creative and questioning nature allows me to fully express the shape and form of humanized activity. Coming from an office environment with little professional experience in the art world, I am inspired by a variety of street artists, fascinated by the temporary nature of their art and media. I am a firm believer that art does not have to be permanent, and that there is beauty in the temporary nature of art itself. I aspire to create larger installations that are intended to slowly fade away, emulating the life of all living things.