Diana Ogaard


A native New Yorker, growing up in the country gave me a love of nature and animals which influenced my art as soon as I picked up my first crayon.

After graduating High School I wanted to burst out into the world to make and create new exciting circumstances for myself. I ended up being an exchange student in Brazil where the gorgeous land and culture filled me with new inspiration. My art started having colors so bold they almost vibrated off the canvas, my composition was flat eccentric shapes of catholic parades and tangerine trees.

When I returned to NY I went to Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY to further my art education. Starting as a graphic design major, I knew I made the wrong choice by my second year and I switched to fine art, painting.

Before a harsh critique that would change my life, I was a meek oil painter. After painting so much every day to prove my teacher wrong, I became much more comfortable with my artistic vision.

Brooklyn made me fall in love with the beauty in imperfection and destruction. The overload of figure drawing classes pushed me into painting a lot nudes and creating a sense of androgyny between them. Studying my favorite artists helped me become more confident in composition, balance, and brush stroke sensitivity. I was also able to fine tune my love of color relations.

After graduating Pratt, I ended up moving to Austin, TX. I was quickly inspired by the southern/ latin charm, the love of all things vintage, and the multitude of color combinations on every house and person. I decided in Austin that I wanted to create a fashion line where every garment was wearable art and one of a kind, so I created, GiGiBunni. Fine Art Fashion.

I am a new resident of Easton, PA as of February 2017, so I’m excited to become a part of the growing art scene here!

Artist Statement
“How do you see this tree? Is it really green? Use green, then, the most beautiful green on your palette. And that shadow, rather blue? Don’t be afraid to paint it as blue as possible.” -Gauguin

Color relations is my passion, through color I can create a new reality based on a subtle influence of fantasy. I focus on capturing aspects of realism by using an expressive brush stroke and intensifying it against flattened shapes and perspective. Repetition of shapes and color are used to achieve balance and harmony and complexity comes from subtle tonal changes and thoughtfully placed color rather than accurate perspective. When I paint two colors beside each other I like to feel a vibration of emotion. If that feeling is not there, I will spend hours neurotically focusing on adjusting the tone, chroma or value of a color.

A major muse for me are animals with strong personalities. Lately I’ve also been very inspired by my own succulent garden. My garden is very dear to my heart, and every plant has its own personality and needs. Watching my “hipster garden” grow is very inspiring, a cactus or succulent can be on the brink of death, but its rebirth is always magical and I love to document the journey.

I also have a wearable art fashion line under the pseudo name, GiGiBunni. This hybrid of fine art and fashion started with hand carving linoleum and making hand pressed relief prints on t-shirts, shorts, tank tops and tote bags. It has now expanded to upcycling t-shirts, hand embroidery, and using doilies as a stencil for hand printing. GiGiBunni is one of a kind wearable art: fine art fashion.