Dore’ Vorum


Dore’ is an award winning artist whose works have appeared in numerous juried events including multiple shows at the Phillips Mill Photographic Exhibition and the Philadelphia Sketch Club where she won a Bronze Metal for her Flowing Shapes and Colors. Her pieces have graced the halls of Doylestown Hospital, corporate office lobbies, as well as private collections. She is even licensing her images to be reproduced on colorful artistic yoga mats. Dore’ has shown numerous times at local galleries including a two person show titled Authenticity and Dream highlighting Dore’s special gift of visualizing what she calls the ‘essence’.

Originally from California, Dore’ now resides in beautiful Bucks County. PA, She still loves to travel and meet new cities, soaking up their unique architecture and particular light. Many of her projects have focused on usual suspects like Chicago, San Francisco, London and New York, but some of her best knownworks have featured a wider range of locales from Oslo to San Antonio and from Fairbanks to New Orleans. Dore’ is currently featuring San Diego, Seattle and Seward, Alaska in her latest Libraries Project and of course the streets of Philadelphia are always on the scene. Her love of intersecting angles and shimmering rooflines turns into obsession when capturing certain features and architectural forms.

Artist Statement
As a small child I remember being taken to the Louvre and other wonderful museums by my great grandmother where I learned to enjoy art in a strictly visual way without today’s incessant headset narrations and curator descriptions. I feel this has helped me learn to see and appreciate art in its raw form just as it is, without the narrative or the history or anything beyond what is there on the canvas.

This is the way I like to use my camera, to view the colors, shapes, textures and reflections all around me. It doesn’t matter that a particular emerald sliver of light captured in my lens is actually part of a metal Chicago band shell. It is the sliver of light that is my story. Like the wonderful artists I was exposed to as a child, I try to paint the dancing light using my lens as a brush to portray this amazing world.