Elaina Borchelt


Elaina is a documentary family photographer who was born and raised in New Mexico. A lover of the sciences as a child, Elaina didn’t find her love of the arts until her early 20’s when she found herself living in the Philadelphia region. She focuses on birth, newborn and family photography. Her desire is to capture fleeting moments and details that are so easily overlooked in everyday life. A lover of art, food and coffee, Elaina loves seeking out new experiences and places with her family and friends.

Artist Statement
Photography for me is a way to observe and capture moments and details that might otherwise go unnoticed. I’m drawn to the messes and arrangement of items in and around each and every home. I’m drawn to the interactions between subjects while in those settings. I make photos using light, layers and emotion that allows each individual to find their version of beauty in the mundane and the every day. A time capsule that only gains value as the years march on.

I make photos the way I do because I want everyone to see their surroundings, whether at large in the community or in their own homes, in a way that they may not have seen it before. Growing up with a single-mother who has since passed, I yearn to be able to go back and see glimpses of our homes, our belonging. To get a sense of who we were and where we were at any given time. To better understand how we got to where we are today. I don’t have that opportunity so I seek to create those opportunities not only for my children, but for others as well.