Erin Gill



Erin Pryor Gill is a painter and printmaker living in Bethlehem. She works in pastel, oil and various printmaking techniques, particularly monotype.

Erin majored in painting and printmaking at Alfred University, and received a BFA in Illustration from Rochester Institute of Technology. A freelance illustrator and graphic designer for several years, she is now focused professionally on her own artwork. Erin is on the board of the Lehigh Art Alliance, and is also a member of the Pastel Society of New Jersey and the Bethlehem Palette Club. She regularly exhibits with each organization, and has won multiple awards.

Artist Statement
My subject matter tends towards portraiture — sometimes these are portraits of people, and sometimes they are portraits of buildings or a specific location. I’m inspired by what I see in my daily life, whether it’s the faces of my family or the local landscape. I love trying to capture the effects of light, be it sunlight glinting on a window, or reflected light bouncing from a shirt to the underside of a chin. I use my brushstrokes to convey a likeness and a mood.