Gina Piazza



Gina M Piazza has been creating art for most of her entire life. Born in the small city of Scranton Pennsylvania in the early 60’s, Gina grew up with the early influences of the mod era of the Monkees, the Beatles and the cultural revolution of the seventies. Being the youngest of four siblings she enjoyed watching the evolvement of society as well as music, art and politics. However, one thing was constant and that was her faith which was influenced by her parents and her parochial schooling.

Her skills as an artist began at a young age. In grade school she was asked to by many students to assist them to complete their art projects. At Scranton Central High School, she became a member of the national Art Honor Society. She went on to win several gold key awards, certificates of merit, and the prestigious Hallmark Honor award, which earned her her not only her first monetary award but more importantly an exhibition at the Parsons School of Design in New York City, among other top Scholastic art award winners.

After High School she went on to attend Marywood College, and due to financial difficulties, her dream of becoming an artist were cut short and was forced to stop attending college.

She became a professional self-taught cake decorator, creating unique and one of a kind cake art, delivering to clients through out the Lehigh valley, all the while she was home raising her three sons. Now that her kids were almost grown, and was on her own, she decided to pursue her love of art and return to college to finish her Fine Art Studies.

A year of learning about the great masters at Northampton Community College led her to complete her degree at Moravian College, Bethlehem PA, where she proudly graduated with her fine art degree in 2017.

Some of her major artwork influences include Renoir, Cot and especially Rubens and Caravaggio, where she prefers a more traditional artwork as compared to the contemporary style which is prevalent today.

Artist Statement

As an artist I process aesthetics within a natural environment.

My artwork explores the notion of the sublime within my daily environment where I enjoy the use of color and temperature to facilitate my fascination of the ethereal.

My process for creating my art begins with reflection internally as well as in visual contemplation of my subject matter.

In using the process of internal retrospective, I am able to encapsulate the free flowing earthly realm within the surreal sublimity of nature in my paintings.

My art signifies the correlation between earthly physical matters in relation to the sublimity of oneness with the creator. In using my own understanding of my early influences of family, home and faith, I attempt to meld my subconscious and that of the context of my subject matter.

By creating my paintings plein air as well as utilizing personal photographs I am able to implement as a basis for my artworkwhich have encapsulated a moment of sublimity in time.

In implementing my own personal intuitivist thoughts, I am able to approach each painting with the intention of recreating a moment in time and space by objectifying a narrative subject.