Joan Zachary


Joan Zachary was born in upstate New York and moved to Pennsylvania after graduating from college in 1974. She has been intrigued by photography since childhood, and it became a major form of self-expression for her in 2010, when she received a Nikon P90 for Christmas. Several years (and cameras) later, she continues to make pictures regularly. She is also a musician and writer, and lives in Point Phillips, Pennsylvania with her fiancé, musician Randall Franklin Smith, and two incredibly photogenic cats.

Artist Statement

I make pictures of all things and situations that I find interesting – my friends and family claim that I will photograph just about anything! But my favorite pictures are those that tell a story, which then acts as a stage for the viewer’s imagination. I am also a musician and a writer – however, photography’s unique ability to freeze time makes this medium my favorite form of self-expression. I never stop searching for opportunities to share these stories with the world.