Kaitlyn Riccardi



I am current BFA candidate at the Tyler School of Art/Temple University, working towards obtaining my major degree in Painting & Drawing, with a double minor in Modern Art History and Visual Anthropology. Drawing from the visual imagery surrounding me on a university campus in North Philadelphia, my artistic practices tend to rely on a contrived representation of urban reality. Establishing myself as a painter of objects and still-lives, I have discovered a psychological impact and sense of truth in the realness of the items that we interact with daily.

Beginning in 2012, I began to focus solely on the depiction of popular culture food items and branding throughout American history. My major sources of inspiration and imagery range from fast food industry marketing to decades old magazine advertisements acquired through family members and local thrift shops. After studying at the Penland School of Craft and working alongside with master miniature watercolorist, Brooke Rothshank, I have developed an intense daily studio focus on working small, efficiently, and frequently. Specifically using highly saturated watercolor paint on heavyweight paper allows for an organic translation of object to image.

Photo documentation has substituted my studio practices of drafting and drawing by providing a truth found in the visual aid of photography. I stage a number of highly reflective and filtered photographs of food still-lives to communicate the different ways in which we think about the everyday items that we consume. Digital techniques such as photo manipulation and printing technology speaks directly to the manufacturing process of mass circulated food items. I think of my work as an on-going series of personal ethnographic exploration that can inform anthropological studies as well as consumer culture.

Artist Statement

My work focuses on using modern technology and innovation methods and materials to create cohesive collections focusing on embroidery, painting, photography, and fashion design. As a vintage consignment shop manager of years, I developed an infinity for stitched textile production, the recycling of fabric, and the business of design. As a fine art’s painting student at Tyler School of Art, my desire to recreate hyperreal works of art is based off of a study of the anthropology of photography. I use digital images and scans of my own photographs, or of vintage found items, to reprint images intended for proportionally accurate drawings to be hand painted.

My love for sharing my artwork and wearable creations has developed into my private business, designs by KaitlynRiccardi. I create commissioned and ready-to-wear garments and accessories that are one-of-a-kind pieces inspired by nature and realism.