Lauren Beauchner


Lauren Beauchner received a BFA in Painting from Kutztown University in Spring 2015 and was awarded the Marguerite Bierman Grant in her final semester to work with figurative and landscape painter Sandra Corpora. Upon graduation, Lauren was selected to be the artist-in-residence at Hawk Mountain in Kempton, PA from June to October 2015. After she returned to the Lehigh Valley, Lauren began working at the Bethlehem House Contemporary Art Gallery, where she had shown her first group of party paintings in Spring 2015. She has taught workshops at Hawk Mountain and the BananaFactory in Bethlehem, PA and has continued showing her work around the Lehigh Valley. Lauren currently resides in the Pocono Mountains.

Artist Statement
My large group paintings started during my last semester of college as an observation of the activities and people around me. Energizing an entire canvas with this process of pooling source photos from many events and curating my own space came naturally and has continued to excite me for the two years since I began this series. I’m interested in inviting the viewer into a freeze-frame to dissect and enjoy the intricacies within the overall scene. In two of my newest paintings, “After Love” & “To Let it Go/To Let it Go”, I’ve started to weave more personal objects into the paintings to further evolve my role from observer to a more included curator. While I do entertain the more psychological aspects of these contrived scenes, most of the development of this series is due to my overwhelming obsession with patterns and using every tube of paint I have access to.