Loren Marquardt


Loren grew up in North Jersey but spent many years in Philadelphia which holds a special home-like place in her heart. She received her BFA from the Tyler School of Art, Temple University and her MFA from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. She lives and teaches in the Lehigh Valley where she and her husband enjoy biking, kayaking, and downtown living.

Loren uses mixed media on paper and/or silk to create her drawings. She combines traditional drawing media with various forms of printmaking and often stitches sometimes including bobbin lace methods as well as crochet or standard hand sewing. Metholcellulose is used for sizing materials to each other. Loren incorporates multiple planes to create three dimensional drawings and installations.

Artist Statement

Memory, whether individual or collective, can be fragile and fragmented, yet its configuration denotes an identity. My work allows me to explore internal structures that metaphorically lie within the recesses of memory. I use a similar notion of assemblage to create or reveal structure in my work. This structure emerges as a form of mapping within mixed media drawing and installations. My recent interest in incorporating various printmaking processes has allowed me to layer the familiar with the energy that comes from the anticipation of a new journey. I perceive my work as both conceptual and poetic, caught between a fading memory and the visual documentation of the journey.