Mallory Zondag



Mallory Zondag is a Mixed Media Fiber artist. She graduated from Pratt Institute with honors, a BFA in Fashion Design and a minor in Art History. While at Pratt she focused on creating handmade one of a kind textiles through felting, weaving and printing for her collections.

Since graduating, she has pursued a career as an independent artist and arts educator. Her work ranges from felting and weaving to sculpture, metalwork, printmaking and painting, sometimes combining two or more of these mediums to form a single unique piece. The natural world informs her creations of textures and sculptural pieces that evoke images of natural growth and decay. Through custom created felted vessels, wool monsters and forest floor wall hangings as well as being a visiting artist for a multitude of school programs, Mallory shares her love of fibers and passion for creating one of a kind pieces from scratch with as many people as she can.

Artist Statement

I strive to find beauty in decay, elegance in disaster. I am constantly inspired by the natural world, by story telling and earth reclamation. Through the exploration of many mediums ranging from wool to paint, bees wax and resin, I write my poem to the world. Mixed Media Fiber Art is how I bring the wonder I feel at watching a tree burst in to gold against a slate blue storm sky into a tangible creation.

When I see an abandoned building, one that nature has reclaimed with crawling mossy tendrils and an explosion of branches bursting out of once pristine windows, I feel the need to recreate that feeling in felt and metal. To tell the story of earth reclamation, to recreate that sense of impermanence and beauty amongst the destruction.

There are so man intangible moments of wonder and chaos I experience from witnessing the intangible creations of nature; the smell of the trees after a thunderstorm or painted skies at dusk, I seek to recreate them and make them tangible through experimental textiles and textures built from moss, hand dyed fabrics, felt and resin. Moments that some cannot describe in words I work to describe them using the greatest tools humanity has ever had, our hands.