Mandy Martin



Mandy Martin creates vibrant floral, landscape and abstract paintings. She draws inspiration from her love of nature, long walks with her dog, and time spent at the beach. Mandy practices intuitive painting by tuning into her unique creative process while releasing attachment to expertise or the final product.

In the early 2000s, Mandy first started painting while taking a few art classes in college. Then she took a break to pursue her business career and start a family. Now, she’s thrilled to be back in the painting groove again. Her influences include the post-impressionists (e.g. Matisse, ToulouseLautrec) as well as the expressionists (e.g. Kirchner). Contemporary influences include Flora Bowley and Pat Butynski. Mandy’s striking acrylic paintings are available online as well as at select shows and exhibitions in Southeastern Pennsylvania, where many of her collectors reside.

Artist Statement
Nature is the main muse of my paintings, which feature bold florals and bright color palettes. I practice intuitive painting, and my work explores layers of texture, rhythm and movement as I interpret it in nature. I hope to inspire those who enjoy my work to look more carefully at the world around them, to discover beauty in unexpected places, and to take care of the earth. I use acrylic paints on canvas or paper to capture the vibrant colors and fascinating structures in the natural world.