Michelle Lee


Pennsylvania native, creative. Award-winning entrepreneur and graphic designer. Copy writer. Programmer. Fitness and art teacher. Yogi, dancer and dryad. Mom. Daughter. Sister. Kickass friend, dog lover, dreamer…artist.

My artistic path started as a very young child, but like many creatives, I focused on graphic design for a career. I started my own ad agency when I was 25 and became a self-taught web designer to grow my company. Also learning multimedia on my own, and pioneering search engine promotion before the term was coined. Still self-employed, a mom and mid-life what-am-I doing wonder 20+ years later—in 2015 I opened an studio in Allentown to create art and a life that speaks to the soul.

I’ve been in multiple group and student shows and am being featured at The Gem Shop in Bethlehem for Art on Main May 6th. I continue taking art classes to experiment and hone my talents, while hosting monthly open drawing sessions, called WickeDraw, at my studio. Now finishing up my certification in YogArt, a transformative art class that I’ll start teaching this summer.

Artist Statement
My joy comes from the creation process itself, the flow. The play and magical happenstance that transforms art into the unforgettable. I love stimulating emotion through color and intimate form, whether it stems from a human bond or those found in nature. Deepening connection through a wild palette of mediums and color, contrasts and texture, perspective. I typically start from my own emotional and tactile reaction to a subject, then delve into drawing, painting, collage, jewelry or whatever medium calls.

Currently experimenting and exploring the link between nature, spirituality and sensuality; the impact of friendship, love, awe; the passion of dance, music, abandon…my work includes nudes, nature scenes, abstracts and whimsical creations of “what if” and other bohemian delights.