Michelle Lee


Michelle Lee is a Pennsylvania native and lifelong creative, a professional artist since 2015 exhibiting in both group and solo shows. Creating art that highlights the love and sensuality she sees everywhere. Connecting us to one another and the divine spirits of nature.

An eternal student, she loves to learn and evolve. She’s been an award-winning entrepreneur and creative director, copy writer and brand marketer. A fitness and art teacher. Yogi, dancer and dryad. She thrives on exploration, working in a range of mediums from pencil and pastel to acrylics, resin and crystals. Her emotional expression including bright bold colors and loose sweeping strokes or subtle, more finely tuned palettes communicates both passion and purpose.

A teaching artist at the Banana Factory she is also a member of our Artist Collective. Participating as Demo Artist for MusikFest in 2017, she showcased her mixed media work during her first series of The KISS Project. A Licensed Facilitator of YogART Workshops, she’s also the creator of WickeDraw sensual open drawing sessions. Practicing in the Pocono Mountains and Lehigh Valley areas of Pennsylvania, she exhibits, teaches and sells her art wherever the urge takes her.

Artist Statement
The world speaks to me through contrast, and through that insight my art is born. The duality of inside and out, light and dark, soft and hard, yin and yang. That sweetness of female form surrounding ferociously protective strength. The voluptuous curves of waves and leaves, clouds and galaxies—backed by the overwhelming power of nature. The deep dark pools of a dog's eyes and fiercely devoted spirit of unconditional love. Every masterpiece Mother Nature delivers that both empowers and conquers us at a glance. Sometimes this means nudes or portraits. Other times it’s nature scenes or blasts of abstract emotion. Always, building sensual soul connections to help make the world a better, brighter place.

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FB: @MichelleLeeArts
IG: @MichelleLee.Arts