Mindy Hahn


Details of the natural world and textures developed by time…they form the primary basis of the pictorial narratives on paper by Mindy Melia Hahn. The Pen Argyl, PA artist crafts her art pieces with mixed media: pencil, pen, colored pencil, markers, and paint. Beyond the weathered and miniscule facets found in the world around her, the artworks are influenced by old fairground art as well as the art movements of photorealism, and pop art. As an individual who has always had difficultly expressing verbally, she views her visual creations as her true voice and language. The lines and shading are the words, each form a sentence, and the whole picture establishes the plot. These stories that are sketched are an invitation to view the variations and perhaps a new perspective hidden within the ordinary.

Artist Statement

Graceful waves of weather worn wood grain, soft ripples of fur, and vibrant life found in glossy eyes: each represents what I challenge myself to pictorially capture and express. Whether in the surrounding environment or subjects themselves, every bit of the final piece is crucial. I seek to find the profound and sacred in the ordinary; from this the inner emotional state, response and curiosity are what I stride to conjure forth through communicating through visual means. These phantoms of sensations are what guide my hand while creating an artwork. I create in mixed media -pencils, colored pencils, pens, markers, and paints -for the range of depictions they offer. Each tiny, detailed portion is worked to completion separately; this technique allows me exploration of interactions of the individual elements within.