Wanda Renee Teddler



I am originally from Cleveland, Mississippi and moved to Pennsylvania for college. I received a B.A. in Art, a B.S. in Public Health, and a B.S. in Biology from Cedar Crest College in 2016. Shortly after completing my undergraduate studies, I began wo rking for the City of Allentown as a Sanitarian in the Health Bureau. I am a domestic violence survivor, a vegan, and a practicing Buddhist.

Artist Statement
I am a watercolor artist who uses horror themes to depict growth through personal hardship and life coming from death. Vivid colors are present throughout my work to illustrate both the colors we miss in looking at the world around us and to demonstrate hope in seemingly hopeless situations. These colors are also present in the grotesque things of our world, but they represent beauty and possibility to me. I paint women who have magical qualities to them or are somehow “othered” in their a ppearance, thus making them outsiders to our society. I want my audience to see her personal growth and what she is becoming. I want to show that someone who has been through a traumatic event can blossom into something they never imagined.I am influenced by indigenous religions, infectious disease, Buddhism, and the impact of magical thinking. My artwork is informed by my life.