Chris Stubbe


Mediums: Photographer


As a small child, raised in the rural landscapes of Eastern PA, I had a natural passion for being outside in the forests and the trees that surrounded my house. My sister and I would walk for miles, following creeks and discovering long lost and burned down houses in the middle of nowhere. We built forts out of logs and branches and created narratives for ourselves about why we lived there and who we were protecting ourselves from. We pretended that we were botanists, searching the forest for new plants to identify. I can remember bringing in handfuls of plants and asking my father what kind they were. If he didn’t know right off the bat he would pull out a book, look them up, and tell us all about it. This upbringing instilled a love of the outdoors in me that is still with me to this day. It’s allowed me to see the importance of nature and all that it can teach us, if we listen.

As I grew older I became more interested in comic books and movies than the outdoors. My family moved to the suburbs when I started High School and I kind of forgot about that connection. I graduated High School wanting to make movies, and so I decided to attend the Art Institute of Philadelphia to learn about Production. It wasn’t until after graduating college and struggling to find work that I realized I didn’t truly have a passion for film or television. I felt lost and confused and a little bit ashamed. So, I did what most people do when they struggle with their identity, I went out looking for it.

I picked up everything I owned, sold most of it, bought an inexpensive point and shoot and traveled to Thailand. The idea was that I would find something out about myself while I was there; that I would get away from the world I knew and discover a different one.

After 2 months taking photos and traveling the mountains of Thailand, I realized that world and I found a part of myself that had been missing for a long time. In this new world, I could compose images that resonated with people. It didn’t matter if we spoke the same language, we were communicating through images and through art. We shared experiences and I would take photos of everything. In exchange for what I can only assume was my company, I was offered meals and drinks. I was treated like family wherever I brought my camera.

When I returned home, I had a new passion for photography. I still have my point and shoot, nicknamed Dr. Camera. But I bought a professional kit, and I began working freelance for weddings and anything else I could find to grow my skillset and to learn all that I could.

Today I shoot for myself. My images are often of nature, but I’ve found a deeper connection in composition and color. I see a story in every photo, and I put all of my effort into sharing those stories with you. I consider my work an amalgamation of a Fine Art and Nature photography with a foundation of storytelling. I also like to dabble in pen and ink sketching, acrylic paint, charcoal drawing and penciling.

Artist statement

Born and raised in Eastern Pennsylvania, I have always felt more at home among the tall trees and pine-covered floors of the lush hardwood forests than any other place on earth. I’ve spent much of my adult life traveling in search of new and unique vistas; from the National and State-run parks across the United States, to the far east of the globe.

As a self-taught photographer and a lifelong introvert, I strive to communicate with others through my photography. I like to think that all of my images convey a feeling of natural belonging, reminding us of our intimate connection with each other and the world we live in. Like any photographer, I want you to see through my eyes; but I also hope that I can draw you in for a closer look at what is right in front of you.

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