Education & Outreach Programs

ArtsQuest™ Arts Education Fund

ArtsQuest will provide access to art, culture and educational programs for the diverse residents of the Lehigh Valley and others in our community by providing education in the creative arts in areas not well represented by traditional educational institutions in the community and becoming a resource for arts education and arts-in-education for the region.


Bridging the Gap

With federal and state funding for arts education vanishing, public and private schools are shrinking curricula to the basics which are rewarded through funding sources. Diminishing resources result in fewer special programs in schools, and fewer resources to pay for those programs. At the same time art teachers and artists remain available to inspire the imagination in students.

ArtsQuest has acted as a bridge between creative artists and the schools by providing in-school instructional programs and afterschool enrichment programs. ArtsQuest has served over 15 schools in 8 school districts in the Lehigh Valley in the past 3 years. However, the need is much greater.

ArtsQuest Education and Outreach Programs