Tantra Creativity Flow

with Michelle Lee

Saturday, August 27 · view days & times
Price: $45 | $40.50 ArtsQuest Member
Fees: $5 Visual Arts Service Fee on all orders
Additional taxes and fees may apply

Venue: Crayola Gallery
Ages: 18 & Up

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1 Day Workshop

Saturday, August 27 | 1-3 p.m.

Test the waters of Tantra through a divine gateway experience of self-expression and connection. You’ll dive into an imaginative flow with Shiva and Shakti, using masculine and feminine energies as tools to create collaborative art of intention. Celebrating your holistic and highest potential in a sacred circle that can bring you to a whole new level of connection with all that is.

Tantra is a mystic, spiritual path of self-discovery and awareness that brings a deep sense of union?to our innermost selves, each other and the divine that is found within everything. It offers a wondrous ride reveling in our full humanity, including the explosive power of our sensual and creative life-force energy. Each ritual is uniquely designed to be a mysterious and evocative experience that opens you to deep insights that rest within all of us.

Venue Information
Crayola Gallery
Banana Factory
25 W Third Street
Bethlehem, PA 18015
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