Isla P Gordon and Ash Kaye - Starter Home

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Venue: Banko Gallery

Our series, Starter Home, is a visual record of our new life as home-owners as Isla transitions to life as a woman. Through documenting and sharing the social performance of homemaking, we are creating a sense of belonging in a traditionally heteronormative space. Creating this space together, we are finding the freedom to explore new understandings of womanhood away from our upbringing in conservative environments or our assigned genders. Within the work, we engage with feminine beauty rituals and mundane house work. These tasks present challenges, whether in Ashley's rejection of feminine norms, Isla's romanticization of a cliched femininity, or grappling with yard work traditionally assigned to men or modeled to them by men.

As we unpack and decorate our home, our improvised still lives and portraits document spaces and people in transition. The intimacy of the portraits and attention to the small details of the home expose the images' importance in our construction of self. The work provides visibility to both the transgender and queer domestic experience and visualizes our ongoing process of learning and unlearning as we redefine our ideas of domesticity and marriage.

About the Artists:
Isla P Gordon and Ash Kaye are life partners based in Pennsylvania. Their creative practices have been entwined for nearly as long as they have known each other. Their work focuses on their experience in a queer marriage as a transgender woman and gender non-conforming person. Using photography, soft sculpture, video and performance, Ash and Isla use their practice to orient themselves in a gendered world and contemplate new ways of being. Recipients of Artist 360 Grants from the Mid-America Art Alliance, their performances & installations have been featured at Satellite Art Show Miami, Theatre Squared, Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, and Paradice Palase. They have also been showcased in the Inverse Performance Art Festival, and the OZCast webseries.

Venue Information
Banko Gallery
Banana Factory
25 W Third Street
Bethlehem, PA 18015
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