Common Threads: Ariel Posh, Tabitha Arnold, and Lily Wilkins

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Venue: Banko Gallery


An exhibition of select works by three regional contemporary fiber artists: Ariel Posh, Tabitha Arnold, and Lily Wilkins.

Artist Statement - Ariel Posh
I explore how violence exists in our lives, memory, and history, real and perceived, and the many relationships we have with death and the body. I am interested in mortality and materiality, the implications of slow and process-based work, and the relationship between threads, process, and the subject matters I am drawn to. Making textile-based paintings allows me the nuance and fluidity of painting while giving me the texture, purity of color, and symbolic connotations that thread and glass beads carry. | Instagram @arielposh

Artist Statement - Tabitha Arnold
A year after self-learning tapestry weaving, I pivoted from making abstract woven textiles to large, map-like rugs with more explicit imagery. After studying 20th century Afghan war rugs, I was amazed that the decorative, functional medium of domestic textiles could be a conduit for historical and political commentary of such a candid and bleak nature, and immediately began to follow suit in my own practice. My recent work is a meditation on the images of violence that accompany daily life in Philadelphia. All around us are monoliths of the police and carceral state, and of the perpetual wars that manifest in and outside our borders. I create these rugs as a way to own my historical record, with the belief that domestic and decorative objects are a passive reflection of the contemporary world and its values. The tradition of fiber art, and its history of intersection with marginalized class and gender, is a language that I feel is accessible to the many rather than the few, and its labor-intensive process is my personal space for stillness and thought. | Instagram @tabithakarol

Statement - Lilly Wilkins
My work focuses on the repetition of pattern and the translation of structural forms using mainly fiber materials. I am interested in both the process and detail of fiber related techniques as well as the ways in which they can be used to transform a surface.

The process of embroidery is particularly captivating for me because of the illustrative and sculptural abilities of the thread, amplified by the multitude of textures and structures created. With these processes, the making of the images require a soothing repetition and focus that I often find more satisfying than the product. It is the seducing nature of compositions within dense microscopic forms and the calming palettes and textures of architecture that I am interesting in exploring through fiber materials.

Instagram @wilkins.lily

Venue Information
Banko Gallery
Banana Factory
25 W Third Street
Bethlehem, PA 18015
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