Napkin/Serving Basket Workshop

with Debra Zvanut

Friday, December 4 · view days & times
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Venue: Banko Gallery

1 Day Workshop

Friday, December 4 | 9 a.m. - 1 p.m.

Learn how to create a Napkin Serving Basket from Teaching Artist Debbi Zvanut. All levels are welcome. Please bring: an old towel, pencil, cloth measuring tape, 12 clip clothespins. If possible: garden sheers or sturdy scissors. Image Credit:

Debbi Zvanut has been basket weaving for over 26 years, and teaching children for 48 years. She has been teaching children the basics of basket weaving for 18 years. Spring and fall weekends finds Debbi leading heritage worships for children 6 years and older, making basic baskets. In addition, she teaches all 3 levels of 4-H basketry to 4-H groups. Girl Scouting holds a special place in her heart, as she creates weaving programs and workshops for Juniors, Cadettes and Seniors at camps and in troops. She especially enjoys sharing her expertise with all levels of weavers who want to be challenged and enjoy creating a useful piece of art. Deb has taught at the Hamburg Arts Alliance ( 5 years), Salem Evangelical Congregational Church ( 3 years), Northwestern Lehigh School District Community Education Program (eight years) and now at the Banana Factory for 5 years. Debbi has also designed a day camp basket weaving program and an intensive basket weaving program at G.S. resident camp and the Banana Factory summer day camp program. Zvanut is also a competition winner, winning 14 ribbons over 5 years and Best of Show in 2013 at The Great Allentown Fair. These baskets include a large creel-shaped bicycle basket, a cane non-traditional Nantucket basket purse with lid, a small ash back pack, large Nantucket bucket, and a two-tone Nantucket Fruit Bowl. She has placed second two times and third once in the mold-woven category and a second in the flat reed category at the North Carolina Basketry Association Guild Exhibit. Debbi dyes most of her own reed and weaving materials and love to create deep, vibrant hues and an occasional lighter shade to compliment the darks. She enjoys designing a basket with a pattern-symmetrical patterns – these are always challenging and fun. “My primary medium is reed-both flat and round, but I also weave with cane, ash, oak, waxed linen, paper, fabrics and different types of reed. I enjoy making traditional types of baskets, but find it especially stimulating to make an unusual shape or incorporate a non-traditional item into the weave; such as wire, beads or buttons, philodendron leaf or deer antler.” Debbi continues striving to learn new types of weaving and to design new styles for herself and for her students.

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Banko Gallery
Banana Factory
25 W Third Street
Bethlehem, PA 18015
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