Event Schedule: Friday, January 18, 2019

January 2019
Tue229:30 amIntermediate Pastel Painting
Tue221 pmIntro to Pastel Painting
Tue226:30 pmIntro to Jewelry
Wed2310 amIntro to Water-Soluble Oils
Wed2312:30 pmSlab Built Pottery
Wed234:30 pmDigital Photography for Pre-Teens (Ages 10-12)
Wed236:30 pmIntroduction to Lightroom
Wed236:30 pmIntermediate Mosaics
Thu2410 amWax Jewelry Carving
Thu2410 amToddler Storytime
Thu244:30 pmScreen Printing For Teens
Thu246:30 pmDiscover Screen Printing
Thu246:30 pmDigital Photography (Adults)
Fri259:30 amItsy Bitsy Artists 2-4
Sat269:30 amBeginner Computer Animation & Video Game Design: Ages 10-12
Sat2610 amIntro to Glassblowing Workshop
Sun271 pmSnowman Wall Basket
Sun271 pmFiber Sampler Workshop: Felted Wool Scarves
Mon289:30 amIntermediate Acrylic Painting
Mon281 pmIntro to Acrylic Painting
Mon286:30 pmBasic Camera Functions
Mon286:30 pmHand Built Pottery
Wed3010 amDraw Me a Song
Thu3110 amToddler Storytime
February 2019
Fri15 pmFirst Friday Hot Glass Experience: Heart
Sat212 pmIntro to Flame Working Weekend
Sun31 pmFiber Sampler Workshop: Coiled Bowl Workshop
Tue510 amAdobe Creative Suite Crash Course
Tue56:30 pmIntro to Adobe Illustrator
Tue56:30 pmClay Portraits
Thu710 amToddler Storytime
Sat912:30 pmPre-Teen Wheelthrowing, Ages 10-12
Sun1012 pmSecond Sunday Hot Glass Experience: Heart
Sun1012:30 pmWheelthrowing for Teens, Ages 13-18
Sun101:30 pmCreative Family Workshop: Candle Luminaria
Tue124:30 pmDigital Illustration for Teens
Wed136:30 pmDiscovering Weaving
Thu1410 amToddler Storytime
Sat169 amIntroduction to Jewelry Making
Sat1611 amGlass Fusing, BUGS !!!
Sat161 pmIntermediate Jewelry Making
Sun17The Lehigh Art Alliance’s 84th Winter Juried Exhibition
Sun1711:30 amSculpey Jewelry Creations: Ages 6-9
Sun171 pmFiber Sampler Workshop: Nuno Felted Scarves
Sun171:30 pmCartooning for All Ages
Wed2012:30 pmWired! Jewelry: Cold Connections
Thu2110 amToddler Storytime
Thu216:30 pmGlass Fusing, Frit Crackle
Sat2310 amIntro to Glassblowing Workshop
Sat2312 pmOval Twill Carry-all Basket
Sun24Common Threads: Ariel Posh, Tabitha Arnold, and Lily Wilkins
Mon256:30 pmFrom Digital to Darkroom
Tue269:30 amYou & Me Music
Tue2610:30 amYou & Me Music
Tue266:30 pmIntro to Painting
Wed274:30 pmDigital Photography for Teens
Wed276:30 pmDiscover Printmaking
Wed276:30 pmIntroduction to Adobe InDesign
Thu289:30 amIntermediate Watercolor Painting
Thu2810 amToddler Storytime
Thu281 pmIntro to Watercolor Painting
Thu284:30 pmScreen Printing For Pre-Teens
Thu286:30 pmMixed Media Drawing
March 2019
Fri15 pmFirst Friday Hot Glass Experience: Murrini Paperweight
Sat210 amDiscover Printmaking Weekend
Sat210:30 amParent & Child Clay
Sat212 pmIntro to Flame Working Weekend
Tue56:30 pmDigital Illustration (Adults)
Tue56:30 pmIntro to Fiber Arts
Thu710 amToddler Storytime
Thu76:30 pmIntro to Photoshop
Sun1012 pmSecond Sunday Hot Glass Experience: Murrini Paperweight
Sun101 pmFiber Sampler Workshop: Macrame Wall Hanging
Mon116:30 pmIntro to Glassblowing
Thu1410 amToddler Storytime
Sat1611 amGlass Fusing, Sushi Set
Wed206:30 pmIntro to Sculpting and Teamwork
Thu2110 amToddler Storytime
Thu2810 amToddler Storytime
Thu286:30 pmGlass Fusing, Metal Inclusions
Sat3010 amIntro to Glassblowing Workshop
April 2019
Thu410 amToddler Storytime
Fri55 pmFirst Friday Hot Glass Experience: Helix Egg
Sat69 amTricks with Fritz
Thu1110 amToddler Storytime
Sat1311 amGlass Fusing, Spring Foliage Burnouts
Sun1412 pmSecond Sunday Hot Glass Experience: Helix Egg
Thu1810 amToddler Storytime
Thu2510 amToddler Storytime
Sat2710 amIntro to Glassblowing Workshop
Mon296:30 pmIntermediate Camera Functions
May 2019
Thu210 amToddler Storytime
Thu910 amToddler Storytime
Thu1610 amToddler Storytime
Thu2310 amToddler Storytime
Thu3010 amToddler Storytime