Event Schedule: Wednesday, February 27, 2019

May 2020
Thu289:30 amDiscover Watercolor: Summer Botanicals (Level 2)
Sat3012 pmStep Outdoors Lehigh Valley Hot Glass Experience: Mushroom
Sun3112 pmStep Outdoors Lehigh Valley Hot Glass Experience: Mushroom
June 2020
Tue26:30 pmIntro to Linocut Print Making
Tue26:30 pmDip Dyed Macrame Wall Hangings
Wed36:30 pmHow Far Can You Color Bar
Wed36:30 pmIntroduction to Painting
Fri55 pmFirst Friday Hot Glass Experience: Jellyfish
Fri56:45 pmThe First Friday Dance Series
Sat610 amSilk Screening Weekend Workshop
Sun710 amFiber Sampler Workshop: 2D Needle Felt Rabbit
Sun710 amWired! Jewelry: Cold Connections 2-Day Intensive
Sun711:30 amMinecraft Mania! Ages 6-9
Sun712 pmFirst Sunday Hot Glass Experience: Jellyfish Paperweight
Sun71 pmFiber Sampler Workshop: Painting with Wool
Mon89:30 amIntermediate Acrylic Painting
Mon89:30 amPainting From Life
Mon81 pmIntro to Acrylic Painting
Mon86 pmIntro to Silkscreen Printmaking
Mon86:30 pmGlass Skill Building
Tue910 amGuided Gallery Tours
Tue96:30 pmIntro to Glassblowing
Sat1310 amSummer Saturdays (Ages 7-9): Fiber Flowers
Sat1310:30 amParent & Child Clay - Ages 3-5
Sat1312:30 pmBubble Printmaking Workshop
Sat131 pmProcreate Basics for Artists
Sun1412 pmOver the Rainbow Basket
Sun141 pmFiber Sampler Workshop: Macrame Wall Hanging
Sun141:30 pmCreative Family Workshop: Summer Fruit Coasters
Mon156:30 pmBasic Camera Functions
Tue1610 amGuided Gallery Tours
Tue166:30 pmAdventures in Wheelthrowing
Wed176:30 pmAdventures in Wheelthrowing
Thu186:30 pmAdventures in Wheelthrowing
Thu186:30 pmWax Jewelry Carving
Sat2011 amGlass Fusing | Glass Quilt Square
Sat201 pmFloral Letter Illustration Workshop
Mon226:30 pmHand Built Pottery
Tue2310 amGuided Gallery Tours
Thu256:30 pmGlass Fusing | Open Studio
Sat2710 amFiber Sampler Workshop: Felted Cactus
Sat2710 amIntro to Glassblowing Weekend
Sat2711 amPaint Your Pet Workshop
Sat271 pmHand Built Pottery Workshop - Trinket Trays
Sat271:30 pmFelted Monsters Workshop
Tue3010 amGuided Gallery Tours
July 2020
Wed1Compendium: Chroma - Color Through the Decade
Fri36:45 pmThe First Friday Dance Series
Tue710 amGuided Gallery Tours
Tue76:30 pmIntroduction to Adobe Illustrator
Tue76:30 pmIntro to Linocut Printmaking
Wed86:30 pmIntroduction to Adobe InDesign
Fri10Resident Artist Annual Exhibition
Sat1110 amSucculent Wall Hanging Workshop
Sat1111 amGlass Fusing | Photo Frame
Sun1211:30 amCartooning for All Ages
Sun1212 pmSecond Sunday Hot Glass Experience: Sea Shell
Sun121:30 pmCreative Family Workshop: Wet Felted Coasters
Mon136 pmIntro to Silkscreen Printmaking
Mon136:30 pmIntermediate Camera Functions
Tue1410 amGuided Gallery Tours
Sat1810 amSummer Saturdays (Ages 7-9): Under the Sea
Sat1811 amDiscover Designing with Photoshop
Sat181 pmHand Built Pottery Workshop - Slab Mugs
Sun1910:30 amAlcohol Inks Workshop
Tue2110 amGuided Gallery Tours
Wed226:30 pmPen & Ink Drawing
Sat2510 amFiber Sampler Workshop: Needle Felt Hedgehog
Sat2510:30 amYogArt: Mandala Art & Chakra Work
Sat2511 amFestive Wood Pallet Worshop (Christmas in July!)
Sat251 pmFlame Working Weekend
Sat251:30 pmNeedle Felted Succulents Workshop
Sun2610:30 amCreative Family Workshop: Glass Windchime
Sun261:30 pmDrawing and Painting
Sun261:30 pmCreative Family Workshop: Summer Tic Tac Toe Board
Sun264:30 pmNuno Felting Workshop (Felted Silk Shawls)
Tue2810 amGuided Gallery Tours
August 2020
Sat1Encore: Small Works Exhibition & Sale
Sun21 pmFiber Sampler Workshop: Coiled Bowl Workshop
Tue410 amGuided Gallery Tours
Tue1110 amGuided Gallery Tours
Thu136:30 pmDigital Photography (Adults)
Sat1510:30 amParent & Child Clay, Ages 6+
Sat1510:30 amPainted Steel Waterbottle Workshop
Tue1810 amGuided Gallery Tours
Sat221 pmDigital Lettering & Illustration Workshop
Tue2510 amGuided Gallery Tours
Thu276:30 pmPricing Your Art
Sat2910 amSilk Screening Weekend Workshop
Sat2910 amSummer Saturdays (Ages 7-9): Make Your Own Scratch Art
Sat2912:30 pmDrawing for Painters
Sat291 pmHand Built Pottery Workshop - Pinch Pot Jars
September 2020
Tue110 amGuided Gallery Tours
Fri46:45 pmThe First Friday Dance Series
Tue810 amGuided Gallery Tours
Sun13Encore: Small Works Exhibition & Sale
Tue1510 amGuided Gallery Tours
October 2020
Fri26:45 pmThe First Friday Dance Series
Sat39 amAdobe Photoshop Weekend Intensive
Sat31Resident Artist Annual Exhibition
November 2020
Sun11 pmEncaustics: Ignite Your Inner Fire
Fri66:45 pmThe First Friday Dance Series
December 2020
Fri46:45 pmThe First Friday Dance Series