Event Schedule: Friday, August 30, 2019

September 2019
Mon239:30 amIntermediate Acrylic Painting
Mon231 pmIntro to Acrylic Painting
Tue249:30 amIntermediate Pastel Painting
Tue2410 amGuided Gallery Tours
Tue2410 amAdventures in Wheelthrowing
Tue241 pmDiscover Pastel Painting
Tue246:30 pmRainbow Corn Basket
Tue246:30 pmClay Portraits
Tue246:30 pmIntro to Mosaics
Tue246:30 pmAdventures in Wheelthrowing
Wed259:30 amYou & Me Music
Wed259:30 amJewelry Sampler
Wed259:30 amIntro to Mosaics
Wed2510:30 amYou & Me Music
Wed256:30 pmAdventures in Wheelthrowing
Wed256:30 pmDigital iPad Illustration, Ages 12-16
Wed256:30 pmIntroduction to Painting
Thu269:30 amIntermediate Watercolor Painting
Thu2610 amWax Jewelry Carving
Thu2610 amToddler Storytime
Thu261 pmIntro to Watercolor Painting
Thu266:30 pmDigital Photography (Adults)
Thu266:30 pmAdventures in Wheelthrowing
Fri277 pmGlass Blast
Sat2812:30 pmPre-Teen Wheelthrowing, Ages 10-12
Sat283:30 pmCartooning & Anime: Ages 10-12
Sun291 pmEncaustics: Ignite Your Inner Fire
Mon30SouthSide ArtsWalk
Mon306:30 pmHand Built Pottery
Mon306:30 pmIntermediate Camera Functions
October 2019
Tue110 amAdobe Creative Suite Crash Course
Tue110 amGuided Gallery Tours
Tue16 pmIntro to Jewelry
Wed24:30 pmDigital Photography for Pre-Teens
Wed26:30 pmDigital Comics
Wed26:30 pmDiscovering Weaving
Thu310 amToddler Storytime
Fri49:30 amImagination and Creativity, Ages 2-4
Fri45 pmOktoberfest Hot Glass Experience: Pumpkin
Fri46 pmFirst Friday Wine'd Down Workshop: Mini Embrodiery Hoop Necklaces
Sat510 amDrawing and Painting for Teens 13-18
Sat510 amSilk Screening Weekend Workshop
Sat510:30 amParent & Child Clay - Ages 3-5
Sat510:30 amYogArt: Mandala Art & Chakra Work
Sat512 pmCreativity Tent at Oktoberfest
Sat512 pmOktoberfest Hot Glass Experience: Pumpkin
Sun610 amWired! Cold Connections Jewelry - 2 Day Intensive
Sun612 pmCreativity Tent at Oktoberfest
Sun612 pmOktoberfest Hot Glass Experience: Pumpkin
Sun62 pmIntroduction to Lightroom
Mon76:30 pmInk-tober: Pen & Ink Drawing
Tue810 amGuided Gallery Tours
Tue810 amIntroduction to Drawing
Tue86:30 pmCartooning for All Ages
Tue86:30 pmFelted Beer Koozie or Coffee Cup Holder
Wed910 amBanana Factory Arts Center Stroller Tours
Wed96:30 pmWine'd Down: Fluid Acrylics
Wed96:30 pmDigital Comics
Thu1010 amToddler Storytime
Thu106:30 pmGlass Fusing, Flow Bars
Thu106:30 pmIntro to Linocut Print Making
Fri114:30 pmExploring Art 5-7
Fri115 pmOktoberfest Hot Glass Experience: Pumpkin
Fri116 pmExploring Art 8-12
Sat1212 pmOktoberfest Hot Glass Experience: Pumpkin
Sat1212 pmCreativity Tent at Oktoberfest
Sun1312 pmOktoberfest Hot Glass Experience: Pumpkin
Sun1312 pmCreativity Tent at Oktoberfest
Sun1312:30 pmWitch's Hat Basket
Sun131:30 pmCreative Family Workshop: Venus Fly Trap Candy Dish
Tue1510 amGuided Gallery Tours
Wed1610 amIntro to Water-Soluble Oils
Wed1612:30 pmSlab Built Pottery
Wed166:30 pmDigital Comics
Thu1710 amToddler Storytime
Sat1910 amIntro to Glassblowing Weekend
Sat1911 amGlass Fusing, Kiln Carving
Sun20Resident Artist Annual Exhibition
Sun2010 amDiscover Jewelry - Bezel Set Ring
Sun2010 amOpen Critique
Sun201 pmFiber Sampler Workshop: Coiled Bowl Workshop
Tue2210 amGuided Gallery Tours
Tue221 pmIntro to Pastel Painting
Wed236:30 pmDiscover Silk Screening
Wed236:30 pmDigital Comics
Thu2410 amToddler Storytime
Fri259 amVisiting Artist Workshop with Jasen Johnsen
Sat26InVision Juried Competition
Sat2611 amWhat do you treasure? A Class on Collecting
Sun27A Collaboration of Creativity
Sun27Celestial Bodies
Sun2711:30 pmPlanes, Trains and Monster Trucks
Tue2910 amGuided Gallery Tours
Wed306:30 pmCreating an Action Plan
Wed306:30 pmPortrait Drawing
Thu3110 amToddler Storytime
November 2019
Fri1InVision College Competition
Fri15 pmFirst Friday Hot Glass Experience: Acorn
Fri16:30 pmFirst Friday Wine'd Down: Block Printed Pillows
Sat212 pmIntro to Flame Working Weekend
Mon46:30 pmIntro to Glassblowing
Tue510 amGuided Gallery Tours
Tue56:30 pmDiscover Linocut Printmaking
Tue56:30 pmGlass Skill Building
Tue56:30 pmIntro to Adobe Illustrator
Wed69:30 amJewelry Sampler - Keum Boo
Wed66:30 pmIntroduction to Adobe InDesign
Thu710 amToddler Storytime
Sat910 amScreen Printing on Clay
Sat911 amGlass Fusing, Frit Mosaic
Sat93:30 pmCartooning & Anime: Ages 13-18
Sun1012 pmSecond Sunday Hot Glass Experience: Acorn
Sun101:30 pmCreative Family Workshop: Time Capsule
Mon119:30 amIntermediate Acrylic Painting
Mon111 pmIntro to Acrylic Painting
Mon116:30 pmPaper Collage Workshop
Tue1210 amGuided Gallery Tours
Wed1310 amBanana Factory Arts Center Stroller Tours
Wed134:30 pmDigital Photography for Teens (13-18)
Thu1410 amToddler Storytime
Thu141 pmDrawing for Watercolor
Thu146:30 pmIntro to Adobe Photoshop
Thu146:30 pmGlass Fusing, Open Studio
Sat1610 amDrawing and Painting for Pre-Teens 10-12
Sat1610 amPhoto Transfers Workshop (Ages 6+)
Sat1610:30 amParent & Child Clay, Ages 6+
Sat161 pmPie Carrier Basket
Sun1710 amDiscover Jewelry - Spinner Ring
Sun171 pmFiber Sampler Workshop: Nuno Felted Scarves
Tue1910 amGuided Gallery Tours
Sat2310 pmIntro to Glassblowing Weekend
Tue2610 amGuided Gallery Tours
December 2019
Mon26:30 pmBasic Camera Functions
Tue310 amGuided Gallery Tours
Tue36:30 pmDiscover Mosaics
Thu510 amToddler Storytime
Fri66:30 pmFirst Friday Wine'd Down Workshop: Brush Lettered Ornament
Sat712 pmIntro to Flame Working Weekend
Sun81 pmFiber Sampler Workshop: Felted Wool Scarves
Sun81:30 pmCreative Family Workshop: Painted Luminarias
Tue1010 amGuided Gallery Tours
Wed1110 amBanana Factory Arts Center Stroller Tours
Thu1210 amToddler Storytime
Sat1411 amGlass Fusing, Holiday Ornaments
Sun151 pmSnowman Wall Basket
Tue1710 amGuided Gallery Tours
Thu1910 amToddler Storytime
Sat21Last Look
Tue2410 amGuided Gallery Tours
Sat2810 amIntro to Glassblowing Weekend
Tue3110 amGuided Gallery Tours
January 2020
Wed1“Greetings from Bethlehem”
Sun5InVision Juried Competition
Tue7InVision College Competition
March 2020
Sun15Last Look