Event Schedule: Wednesday, September 11, 2019

December 2019
Sun15The Morning Call Scholastic Digital Photography Contest
Sun1510 amChristkindlmarkt Hot Glass Experience: Ornament
Sun151 pmFiber Sampler Workshop: Coiled Bowl
Tue1710 amGuided Gallery Tours
Thu1910 amToddler Storytime
Thu1911 amChristkindlmarkt Hot Glass Experience: Ornament
Fri2011 amChristkindlmarkt Hot Glass Experience: Ornament
Sat21Last Look
Sat2111 amChristkindlmarkt Hot Glass Experience: Ornament
Sun2212:40 pmChristkindlmarkt Hot Glass Experience: Ornament
Tue2410 amGuided Gallery Tours
Sat2810 amIntro to Glassblowing Weekend
Sat2810 amIntro to Painting in Photoshop with Judy Reinford
Sun2910 amDiscover Jewelry: Bezel Set Ring
Tue3110 amGuided Gallery Tours
January 2020
Wed1“Greetings from Bethlehem”
Fri35 pmFirst Friday Hot Glass Experience: Icicles
Fri36:30 pmFirst Friday Wine'd Down: Mini Rainbow Keychains
Sun59th Annual InVision Juried Photo-Based Art Exhibition
Mon6Mary Ellen Matthews: Live From New York! SNL Portraits
Tue7InVision College Competition
Tue710 amAdventures in Wheelthrowing
Tue76:30 pmAdventures in Wheelthrowing
Tue76:30 pmIntro to Glassblowing
Wed86:30 pmAdventures in Wheelthrowing
Wed86:30 pmSkill Building
Thu910 amAdventures in Wheelthrowing
Thu96:30 pmAdventures in Wheelthrowing
Fri109 amKenny Pieper Visiting Artist Workshop Fundamentals and then CANE!
Sat11Lehigh Art Alliance Spring Show
Sat1110 amBlock Printed Pillows Workshop
Sat113:30 pmCartooning & Anime: Ages 10-12
Sun12James M Collins: Patio Life
Sun1211:30 amDragons, Monsters & Robots
Sun121:30 pmCreative Family Workshop: Martin Luther King Jr. Dream Weavings
Tue146 pmIntro to Jewelry
Tue146:30 pmCartooning for All Ages
Tue146:30 pmIntro to Mosaics
Wed159:30 amYou & Me Music
Wed1510:30 amYou & Me Music
Wed1512:30 pmSlab Built Pottery
Wed156:30 pmDiscover Silk Screening
Thu166:30 pmCut Paper & Collage
Fri179:30 amImagination and Creativity, Ages 2-4
Sat1810:30 amParent & Child Clay, Ages 3-5
Sat1812:30 pmWheelthrowing, Ages 12-16
Sun191:30 pmDrawing and Painting
Tue219:30 amIntermediate Pastel Painting
Tue211 pmIntro to Pastel Painting
Wed229:30 amIntro to Mosaics
Wed226:30 pmIntermediate Mosaics
Wed226:30 pmDigital Comics
Thu239:30 amIntermediate Watercolor Painting
Thu2310 amWax Jewelry Carving
Thu231 pmIntro to Watercolor Painting
Thu236:30 pmIntro to Adobe Photoshop
Sat2510 amIntro to Glassblowing Weekend
Sun2610 amDiscover Jewelry - Domed Earrings
Mon279:30 amIntermediate Acrylic Painting
Mon271 pmIntro to Acrylic Painting
Mon276:30 pmBasic Camera Functions
Wed296:30 pmDiscovering Weaving
Thu301 pmIntroduction to Drawing
Fri3112:30 pmDrawing and Painting
February 2020
Mon36:30 pmHand Built Pottery
Fri75 pmFirst Friday Hot Glass Experience: Heart
Fri76:30 pmFirst Friday Wine'd Down: Embroidered Felt Coffee Koozie
Sat810 amSilk Screening Weekend Workshop
Sun910 amDiscover Jewelry: Bezel Set Ring
Sun912 pmSecond Sunday Hot Glass Experience: Heart
Sun91:30 pmCreative Family Workshop: Yarn Heart Wreath
Tue186:30 pmSkill Building
Wed196:30 pmIntro to Glassblowing
Thu206:30 pmIntro to Linocut Print Making
Sat2210 amIntro to Glassblowing Weekend
Sat2210:30 amParent & Child Clay, Ages 6+
Sat2210:30 amYogArt Workshop
Sun2310 amDiscover Jewelry - Spinner Ring
Sun2311:30 amVideogame Frenzy - Ages 6-9
Wed266:30 pmDiscover Silk Screening
Wed266:30 pmIntroduction to Adobe InDesign
Thu276:30 pmIntroduction to Drawing
Sat293:30 pmCartooning & Anime: Ages 13-18
March 2020
Wed49:30 amYou & Me Music
Wed410:30 amYou & Me Music
Thu56:30 pmDigital Photography (Adults)
Fri65 pmFirst Friday Hot Glass Experience: Succulent
Fri66:30 pmFirst Friday Wine'd Down: Needle Felted Succulents
Sun812 pmSecond Sunday Hot Glass Experience- Succulents
Sun81:30 pmPen & Ink Drawing
Tue106:30 pmDiscover Mosaics
Thu121 pmDrawing for Painters
Sun15Last Look
Sun15Lehigh Art Alliance Spring Show
Wed189:30 amDiscover Jewelry - Saddle Ring
Sat2810 amIntro to Glassblowing Weekend
Sun291 pmEncaustics: Ignite Your Inner Fire