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InVision Festival
November 1-24, 2019

This festival is a month-long celebration each November showcasing all things photography as well as photo-based arts, with presentations from renowned artists, workshops, demonstrations, exhibitions, photo walks and panel discussions. Over the course of the month, InVision offers professional development, networking and hands-on workshops not only for photographers, but also for image-based artists, creative entrepreneurs, makers and DIYers, and establishes a venue for sharing information among the creative community. The Lehigh Valley and surrounding regions have a diverse artistic and cultural community, and InVision leverages our unique attractions, history and landscapes.

Highlights include

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For more information and to get involved contact Stacie Brennan, Senior Director Visual Arts.

Past Presenters include
  • Sam Abell (National Geographic)
  • Olivia Bee (Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, New York Times)
  • Larry Fink (Vanity Fair, GQ, The New Yorker)
  • Carol Guzy (Washington Post & Four-Time Pulitzer Prize Winner)
  • Larry C. Price (Two-time Pulitzer Prize Winner)
  • Joe McNally (LIFE, ‘Faces of Ground Zero’)
  • Chase Jarvis (CreativeLive)
  • George Kalinksy (Madison Square Garden)
  • Nick Nichols (National Geographic)
  • Eugene Richards (National Geographic)
  • Kathy Ryan (New York Times Magazine Photo Editor)
  • Rick Smolan (A Day in the Life)
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