Second Sunday

October 9 · Happenings

Join us for Second Sunday on October 9th, from 12-3 p.m. at the Banana Factory. Enjoy free art-making, workshops, and other programming!


  • Sensory-Friendly Art Making, 11:30 a.m.-1 p.m.
    • In this sensory-focused art class that is structured on choice-based art instruction, students will visit different Creation Stations to learn about various art techniques, specifically focusing on techniques with predictable outcomes and techniques with unpredictable outcomes. The teacher will present each station, and discuss the outcome of the technique with the group. Students will then have the chance to try each station before making their final mixed media art piece. 
    • Students will be encouraged to use their own creativity and teacher guidance, as they explore materials and techniques. 
    • For ages 6-10
    • The workshop is free, but ticketing fees apply on advanced reservations. This workshop has a limited capacity of 8 students.
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  • Sfumato: Creating a Depth of Field Visual Arts Classroom (1:30-3p.m.)
    • This workshop is inspired by the other-wordly landscape photos of the exhibition "Seijo Intervals: Desert Imprints," on view in Banko Gallery. Use india ink, pencils, stencils, and paper cut-outs to render the gradations of light and dark on a cactus. Artists of all levels and ages will enjoy exploring the imaginative technique of sfumato!
    • This workshop is free to participate in, but ticketing fees apply for advanced registration. Drop-ins are welcome, space permitting. 
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  • Open Studio with Maggie Avolio Studio 347, 12-2 PM
    • One of the Banana Factory’s newest resident artists! Meet the artist, and see a demo of her 3D printer in action.