Meet the Teaching Artist:
Kim Tanzos


Artist Facts:

Education: BFA, Art Education, Kutztown University

Mediums of expertise: Fibers (mainly weaving, felting, knotting)

Favorite artist: Georgia O’Keeffe

Time of day do you create art: Late at night.

Hobbies other than art: Music – I’m a flautist.

Favorite music for your studio: Foster the People

Favorite snack in the studio: M&Ms & almonds

Upcoming classes:

Fiber Sampler Workshop: Painting with Wool – June 23
Fiber Sampler Workshop: Felted Ball Garland – July 14
Fiber Sampler Workshop: Coiled Bowl Workshop– July 28
Wine’d Down: Macrame Feathers– July 31
Fiber Sampler Workshop: Macrame Wall Hanging– August 4
Wine’d Down: Macrame Wall Hanging– August 28

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“I like to keep teaching fun. I try to share with them what I love about fiber arts. It’s fun to get people who have never done it before and get them hooked!”