All ACCESSible tours

ALL ACCESSible Tours

Monday & Thursday Afternoons

Our new ALL ACCESSible program provides a casual yet in-depth look at the unique spaces and visual-art that make up The Banana Factory. The gallery spaces will be open for a no-cost, semi-guided tour. Hands-on experiences will provide opportunities for anyone that benefits from a sensory friendly approach.

ACCESSible Gallery Spaces

Two spacious galleries provide the opportunity to visually explore art in a calm environment with dim lighting and low auditory stimulation.

Banko Gallery

The Banko Gallery features art around the themes of Social Justice and Community Art.
A Cozy Meditation area in the corner of this gallery will provide a space to sit and relax. Sketching and journaling materials are available in this space and may be used throughout the tour.

Crayola Gallery

The Crayola Gallery is a large multi-purpose art and creative space with large windows that allow for natural sunlight. This unique venue showcases 5 regional and national exhibitions a year.

Sensory Art Space

The ALL ACCESSible tours provide attendees access to our Sensory Art/ Living Art exhibition and Touch Collection. This artwork was commissioned specifically for individuals that benefit from a hands-on approach to experiencing art. Multiple pieces by Fiber artist Mallory Zondag will be featured and they are meant to be touched, worn, and manipulated. Participants are welcome to relax and explore this space at their leisure.
Visual and Audible online version:

Pre-Visit Materials

The tours have been planned to promote a successful and enjoyable time for everyone involved. Pre-visit materials are available to assist in preparing attendees and familiarizing groups with our layout and available resources. The pre-visit materials will provide advanced exposure to the visual icons located throughout the tour.


To ensure safe numbers and provide a sensory friendly environment, registration is required for our ALL ACCESSible tours program for groups with five or more participants. Email for more information.