Suzan SL Gottshall



Artist Statement:
Inspired by organic and inorganic material and the process of elemental changes that take place over the years. It amazes me when I look around my environment and watch the ever-changing process everything experiences over time. From new to old, the
evolution from birth to death whether man made or in it’s natural form goes through subtle changes that I capture through the lens and onto a frame for viewers. Some of my captures become unrecognizable to many viewers, even if the subject is of an image one would normally identify with but not pay too much attention to. My objective found within my portfolio is to create an awareness of beauty as deterioration progresses.
Emphasis is placed on the textural dimensions and color changes within the composition from a different perspective.

From the city of Philadelphia where I lived the first 30 years of my life to the rural area of Bucks County, I am a well rounded individual living within two different worlds. My life
time experiences have heightened my awareness of appreciation for all things in different environments. My love for art began at a young age as I enjoyed sketching, creating objects with molding clay and photography using the knowledge I was born
with and experimenting.

As a fine art photographer, I have been inspired by some of the following legends: Salvador Dali, Jerry Uelsmann, Dorethea Lange, and more recently Tony Sweet. Passionately my subjects lean toward my love for the sea and coastal life, as well as,
nature, abandon places and abstracts. I never limit myself and continue to strive for new horizons in creativity.