Tessa Sarr


Born on and raised on the fiery slopes of Kilauea, on the island of Hawaii, my artwork has always been deeply rooted in nature. I draw inspiration from the ocean, natural phenomena, and the complexities of the human mind. Primarily using a combination of digital illustration paired with wood marquetry, I explore the relationship between humans and nature. Currently located in the Lehigh Valley, I have expanded the subjects of my work from focusing mainly on Hawaiian wildlife to animals across the globe. My work has been exhibited in the Samek Museum (Lewisburg, PA) and is currently for sale at Kilauea Kreations (Volcano, HI).

Artist Statement

My art is deeply rooted in nature; in subject, material, and purpose. I strongly believe in how everything is interconnected, whether it is an artistic process or an ecosystem. Using classic marquetry techniques with a modern twist, my work uses all natural woods to explore the animals we share the Earth with, as well as the spaces we inhabit ourselves. Each piece serves as a portrait of an endangered species which highlights each animal’s unique beauty while raising awareness that it is our own actions which have put them at risk of extinction. I believe in creating beautiful art which also serves a larger purpose, by starting a dialogue about our place in the world and celebrating biodiversity.