ReFash: A Futuristic Intersection of Style, Sustainability, and Consumption

April 22 – July 7, 2024 2024-04-22 09:00:00 2024-07-07 09:00:00 15 ReFash: A Futuristic Intersection of Style, Sustainability, and Consumption Crayola Gallery true MM/DD/YYYY
Venue: Crayola Gallery


The year is 2224. You stumble across a landfill that has been abandoned for 200 years and are tasked with designing fashions for the current day using elements you’ve found in the heap ….

The future has always been a subject of fascination for many, and it's particularly intriguing to anticipate how the fashions we wear will morph to reflect new technologies, values, and ways of living. Artists and designers, with their distinctive viewpoints, provide insights into how they anticipate the evolution of fashion as we move toward the future. Each piece is a reconciliation of the colossal fast fashion industry with the rising importance of sustainability.

Fast fashion, a term coined to delineate inexpensive and inferior-quality clothing swiftly manufactured and cyclically introduced and withdrawn from the market to keep up with emerging trends, is a relatively new phenomenon. Initially, the concept was born out of a noble objective - democratizing high-fashion aesthetics for the common consumer at a cost-effective price. Regrettably, this has led to an unprecedented scale of mass production and waste driven by mega brands. The power of fast fashion has almost entirely eclipsed small independent designers, fostering monopolistic fashion conglomerates and contributing to an alarming rate of landfill accumulation. There is a fourfold increase in annual clothing purchases by the average consumer compared to the rate three decades ago. Each acquisition progressively loses its significance to the consumer, who overlooks the craftsmanship and artistry inherent in fashion, and the skills involved in sewing and garment creation.

ReFash presents an exciting opportunity for independent designers to showcase their creativity and sustainability by repurposing discarded materials in the creation of innovative fashion and textile pieces. While designing for futuristic style in the year 2224 adds a layer of challenge, it also opens up endless possibilities for artistic expression. The independent designers featured in this exhibition are challenged to create fashion pieces using at least 50% discarded materials. These pieces must be wearable, use suitable materials, balance aesthetics and functionality, consider ethical implications and all while employing innovative techniques.

A full list of designers featured in the exhibition are below:
  • Cassidy Ayers
  • Mia Rezza
  • MaryJo Rosania-Harvie
  • Dawn Lombard
  • Brianna Beidler
  • Mallory Zondag
  • Clementina Martinez-Masarweh
  • Marina DeBris
  • Barbara Kavchok
  • Alyson Nicole

Venue Information
Crayola Gallery
Banana Factory
25 W Third Street
Bethlehem, PA 18015
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