Gabriella Gentile

Mediums: Visual Arts, Ceramics, Mixed Media, Fiber Arts, Sculpture
Studio: 245

Gabriella Gentile is a visual artist from Scranton, Pennsylvania. She received her Bachelor of Visual Arts from Keystone College in 2020 where she concentrated in ceramics, sculpture, and graphic design. While Gentile’s main focuses are in ceramics and sculpture, she also has experience and interest in printmaking, drawing, painting, and textile/ fiber arts.

Artist statement
My work is mainly focused in political and social commentary from a feminist perspective. I use my work to portray both the beautiful façade as well as the grotesque reality of our society through sculpture, print, and illustration. I use pieces of my own life experiences, political views, and spirituality to portray how I experience and interact with the world around me. My work looks at historic and current representations of women and how we have been and still are being treated by society, the government, and mainstream media.

My chosen materials are to represent the way women and AFAB people are expected to behave (passive, beautiful, small) and how their value changes over time and as the age. Like the human body, my materials will begin to deteriorate in some way (rust, fade, shatter).

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