Panoramas: Views from a High Place | Robert Walch

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Venue: Banko Gallery

Photographer Robert Walch has been visiting the same locations in the Southwestern United States for over 30 years, often returning to the same overlooks trip after trip. These repeat visits, and the revolution of digital photography have given Walch the ability to create a more exact narrative of his experiences, allowing him to experience with composition and combining multiple images into the stunning panoramas on exhibition.

Photographing cities in the same manner came about after Walch began making these Southwestern panoramas. Standing above the city of Prague, Robert realized that he had started seeing things in a longer format than his usual 35mm or medium format framing. “When I look through my files of black and white film work, there is a large section of landscape views from a high point. I have been attracted to places with an expansive view for a long time. Such places are considered sacred by many cultures”.

Americans tend to romanticize the South West through movies and television, often glossing over the fact that humans have domesticated that landscape. Walch’s photos accept the human presence in these places. Nearly every image shows some aspect of the man-made, creating a true document of the land. Conversely, his panoramas of Los Angeles, Budapest and Prague give these cities an uninhabited quality that is only achieved at this scope. The Banana Factory is honored to exhibit this panoramic work by Robert Walch. Mr. Walch will be doing an Artist Talk at 7:30pm on Friday, April 7th at the Banana Factory Arts Center.

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Banko Gallery
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