MeCards4Kids and their families!

With Erica Gramp

Sunday, April 16 · view days & times
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Venue: Visual Arts Classroom
Ages: All Ages

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One Day Workshop

Sunday, April 16 | 2-4 p.m.

MeCards4Kids® is a fun time for families to express and share their true selves through art together! A MeCard is simply an 8x5" card that you cover with collaged images and then write a short fill-in-the-blank poem to go with it. They are easy to make and anyone can do it with just scissors, glue and a diverse collection of curated images that will be provided in class. The magic of this process comes from the mindful way we work with the images so they tell our story. The imaginative poems we make about our cards give them their own voice, which helps develop self expression. It's truly amazing how both kids and adults can grow in awareness and acceptance of themselves and others through this process. Doing it together as a family can open up communication, encourage bonding, increase and social-emotional learning. MeCards4Kids® is a method developed by Nancy Weiss, LCSW based on the SoulCollage® method for adults.

Erica is a multi-passionate silversmith, SoulCollage® facilitator, and teaching artist. Based in Hunterdon County NJ. She earned her BA in art therapy from New Jersey City University in 2012, and studied mental health counseling and art therapy on the graduate level at Caldwell University. As an exhibiting silversmith, Erica is fascinated by the deep, personal connection people form with jewelry. These objects hold meaning, memory and even identity as they become interwoven into the lives of their wearers. In her work, she strives to honor the age-old practice of body adornment as a meaningful ritual of empowerment and transformation. She exhibits her silver work at various art markets, music and yoga festivals, and renaissance faires all over the northeast USA. She also offers intuitive art workshops as a trained SoulCollage® facilitator where people of any age and ability can feel free to take creative risks, express their true selves, and discover their inner wisdom. Her workshops reflect her deep appreciation for the relationship between creativity, mental health, and spirituality. Erica holds a warm, safe space where others feel unconditionally accepted, valued, and free to engage in personal growth and empowerment. Past SoulCollage® participants have found her facilitation style insightful, compassionate, and humorous.

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Visual Arts Classroom
Banana Factory
25 W Third Street
Bethlehem, PA 18015
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