Layered Cosmos

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Venue: Alvin H. Butz Gallery


Welcome to “Layered Cosmos,” an exploration of the boundless layers of artistic expression — where flowers bloom amidst the stars and celestial bodies. With a fusion of many mediums, including hand carved and printed linocut, painterly strokes of acrylic gouache, metallic ink additions, and unique paint carving, Lauren Beck has meticulously crafted each piece to evoke a sense of dreamlike wonder in her layered subjects.

Drawing inspiration from mythology and celestial symbolism, Lauren’s zodiac series shares a depiction of each astrological sign as a mixed media print. Included in this exploration are smaller studies of constellation subjects, carved into over 50 layers of acrylic paint, revealing the colors beneath. The result is a stunning visual tapestry that celebrates the unique energies that connect us all and are shared with stories in the stars above.

Adding an even more vibrant dimension to the exhibition are the layered laser-cut acrylic wall hangings, each a kaleidoscope of color. By reimagining her botanical drawings as cut shapes with contrast, the artist’s floral designs take on new life, their forms dancing in harmony with light and shadow.

As you navigate through “Layered Cosmos,” allow yourself to consider how every intricate layer adds to the story of art and the universe as a whole. Without even the smallest stroke in our own personal stories, we wouldn’t even be standing right here. Each layer is unique, important, and has a profound connection to the cosmos.

About the Artist:

I am Lauren "Ren" Beck, of Ren & Ink LLC, a Lettering Artist and Illustrator proudly living and working in Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania.

While I enjoy drawing and painting with traditional materials (ink and calligraphy was where I began my journey), I'm often working digitally with the iPad and Apple Pencil to craft designs that express my vibrant, celebratory vision on life!

With a variety of mediums in my toolbelt, I strive to create a body of licensing work that celebrates bold motifs with dynamic curves. Detailed lines and sleek script lettering strokes add movement throughout my compositions. Often my subjects include florals and nature, which is highlighted in one of my favorite client projects, 40-page coloring book collaboration with Crayola.

I'm energized by working directly in my community — Lehigh Valley, PA and beyond — and I've collaborated with many incredible small businesses! From chalk and painted signage to interior wall murals — there's nothing like bringing together a space with art.

With a background and degree in Art Education, I regularly teach in-person workshops, after-school programs, and summer camps. I find that my heart is full when I can bring art subjects and mediums that I love to the classroom, making real human connections when we learn from each other. Some of my proudest moments have been teaching all different ages and abilities!

Venue Information
Alvin H. Butz Gallery
ArtsQuest Center
101 Founders Way
Bethlehem, PA 18015
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